Festival Fun & PiYo winner!!!

This past weekend was the annual Amish Fest, okay its not really called Amish Fest that is just what we refer to it as, its called the Fireman Festival, but 90% of the festival goers are indeed Amish. It is such a fun and simple festival with great food, treats and fireworks. I honestly love it because its one of those places you do not have to care about ANYTHING, no one cares what you look like or what you are wearing, its just pure fun! We attend with my family and my friends family, my cousin also came with us this year! 
 The kids literally run wild and fill up on donuts and chicken. The best chicken ever I must say! 
 Our kids are finally old enough to play some catch lol 
 Sammer is getting so insanely large. Last year he was all cozy in my belly at the festival! 
 And this is how Luke carries Sam.....safe right? 
 The kids also found out how to climb trees. They even upped the ante and grabbed BIGGER chairs!
 My friend honestly has the cutest little girls! 

 Do you wanna go see the firetrucks Jude??? She was so serious!! hahah
 Homemade ice cream time! 
 Jude was literally being so darn cute the entire night. I wanted to eat him up! 
 They of course had grandma and grandpa wrapped around their fingers and got to play every game they wanted and eat anything they could imagine!! 
 Jordan is seriously so TALL...and he always stands up SUPER tall during pics...hence tippy toes! haha
Whew....hope you enjoyed all the pics!! haha!!!

Now onto a winner!!!! Winner, winner chicken dinner!! I have already emailed her but wanted to let you all know the winner of the PiYo DVD is Jenny Cox!!!! I cannot wait for her to start with us!
Our PiYo group starts Monday. I obviously already broke into my DVD set and am in LOVE....I have never sweat so much in my entire life honestly. Its not cardio so I figured it wouldnt make me sweat but holy heavens, its such a great workout and I can feel muscles that I have never felt working. I cannot wait to officially start and post some before and afters!!! Bring on the tone baby!!! 
If you still want to order just jump in with us!! You get me as a coach!:) I am a crazy drill sergant! haha just kidding I make this whole workout thing a hell of a lot more fun!! 

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