Homemade Sugar Scrub

The other day Jude dropped by container of sugar scrub in the shower. Maybe I should have put the lid on tighter, clearly. But it was after I had already placed a new order for my facewash so I didnt want to have to reorder again and pay another shipping fee. Amazon Prime has fully spoiled me and I despise shipping, but for my amazing face wash I suck it up! Anyways I figured I could make my own sugar scrub from stuff we had at home and save a few bucks! Boy was I right!!!

I had some some essential oils left over from when I made my own wallflower plug-ins  so I grabbed those, some oil and some sugar (yum yum). I introduce you to....
This is literally the easiest thing ever. I dont think I will buy it again honestly!  
That is just a small batch and honestly I just eye-balled it!! I added Amber and Vanilla to mine. You only need a few drops of each. Test a few batches on your hand to figure out your desired smell level haha. Next I will do orange oil and vanilla. I love the smell of those two together. When you smell like a creamsicle life is so much better!! haha! So there you have it. Mix in a bowl and then put into whatever container you have with a lid. Mason jars, tupperware, whatever you have that you can close. Keep in your shower and lather on every few days to exfoliate your skin!!! 

What's your favorite scent?? Share your favorite mixtures of oil with me!! 
PS this is seriously such an easy gift or favor for parties. Girls night?? 

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