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So since I have been a baby making machine the past 5 years I truly wanted to focus on me a little bit after I had Sam, most importantly to just find myself again and get my body back. Okay its not fully mine yet since Sam still breastfeeds but you get my point. I have honestly been pregnant or nursing for 6 years. Its a tad insane to look back at all of it and I am oh so blessed so don't think I am bitching or moaning in any way. I am just excited to get back to normal clothing and actually workout again. I know I could have worked out during pregnancy but I was much too busy stuffing my face peeps! I lived pregnancy up each time and tried to eat healthy but I definitely indulged a lot! There wasn't much I would say no to. I just really love food. I still do, but all in moderation baby.

When I started this getting healthy journey I also started another chapter that I was very unsure about. I started fitness coaching for Beachbody. I had bought their 21 Day Fix and Shakeology and found that I could coach for FREE with my purchase so of course I figured what the hell. If anything I was getting a bad ace discount on things I wanted to buy in the future anyway. I found that by sharing my progress and story people were interested in also jumping on the bandwagon and getting healthy as well, which resulted in me not only making sales but building my team of coaches and us helping men and women all over the country. This tiny little discount job has turned into an actual working at home business for me. It is semi insane but since I started I have been able to pay off next years family vacation and tuition for school for Luke! (Vincent starts Kindergarten next month a whole freak out post to come on my heart shattering) but I have been able to do that all from home while getting myself healthy. It is insane to me how amazing this company is and what a great outlet this is for women and moms looking to make extra money or even make this their fulltime job. Multiple friends of mine who are coaches have quit their full time jobs from this job! Its freaking awesome and anyone can do it! Even if you have a house full of crazy kids you can still rock it! I am living proof of that!!

I was hesitant at first because hello I have 4 kids under the age of 5 and I also run my own photography business so why the heck would I take on something else. But honestly, now I can pull back on my sessions for photography and just do fitness coaching. I am able to sit here in my pajamas and help women all over the country to get their confidence and health back. To wake up to emails about my women losing 10 lbs and dropping pants sizes and fitting into prepregnancy clothing is honestly the most rewarding thing about this gig. If I can help women to feel CONFIDENT in their bodies then I am doing my part in this world.

I hated the way I felt about myself after each pregnancy. I wasn't appalling by ANY MEANS but I wasn't myself. I wasn't at my full potential, I was consistently unsure about my surroundings and always second guessing myself on every thing. When you are not confident in your own skin life is not near as fun. I was hiding in pictures and honestly a grumpy pants mom. Not fun at all. I can now say that I am so much happier and having MUCH more fun with my kids and husband. I feel myself again and that is something I have been longing for for awhile.

Anyways I dont want my blog to be strictly fitness and health but it is now such a huge part of my daily life that I will for sure be sharing it with you. You dont have to buy from me or even be a beachbody lover, I will help you regardless. So don't feel like you can only talk about beachbody and their products ONLY with me, that is silly!! I have done lots of workouts and have tried lots of things so feel free to ask anything!!

Here is my before and after picture from the 21 day fix and shakeology!
Also in just those few months I have reached the top 1% of coaches and our team is a top 50 team. There are 205,000 coaches so I am still in shock over this. You can do anything you put your mind to mamas!!! TRUST ME!! 
And last but not least I overate for a good week over the boys birthday weekend and had to do our cleanse to get rid of the fluff. Here is my results!!

I am always looking to build my team with kick ass coaches and help you reach your goals as well, whether it be to just get your body back and get a discount or to make some extra income! If you are interested I would LOVE to chat more about the coaching opportunity and have you on our team! 
Next week we have a little FREE intro group! 
It breaks down all the aspects and answers all your questions!
Leave your email below and I will get you added. I would love to help you on this next chapter of your life! Okay the coaching spiel is done for now!!! Normal blogging of cute little trolls will continue tomorrow!!! The madness of these boys has been insane this summer. 

Also my MOST favorite part of this whole journey is letting women know it is OKAY to not be a perfect eater or perfect exerciser. You can still get results. You do not have to be perfect every single day of the week. I hate salads and I love chocolate. I hate running but I love yoga. You can find a balance and figure out what works for you. When you finally grasp that you don't need to be "perfect" the health journey is SO MUCH EASIER and so much more fun!!!! So remember that. 

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