6 hours.

To say I was nervous about Vincent going into Kindergarten would be an understatement. Homeboy would complain about preschool being TOO long, it was 2 hours. So I was very curious how he would hold up being gone all day, 6 hours is a long time for 5 year olds. He started on Wednesday and has honestly loved it so far. His only complaint was on day 1 that he didnt make it to his cookies during lunch, because I told him to eat his veggies and ham rolls first, before eating those cookies. I am so proud that he listened. I mean seriously I figured he would scarf those puppies down first! At least I know he is listening, which makes me even happier about his school ventures.
Seeing all these tiny people in uniforms is way too cute
It's seriously hard to believe our first man is already in school. I never even imagined him going to school since we had planned to homeschool. We still would LOVE to homeschool and this is our first REAL year of schooling so we are just taking it as it is and seeing how it goes. Luckily they are super anal about how the kids treat eachother and dealing with bullying which was one of my biggest fears with schooling. I pray this is true, we will see as time goes on, but all the children and parents seem to be very involved. So here's to Vincent's first year of Kindergarten!!
Now it's just me and these 3 crazy boys. Luke starts preschool next week so will be gone a few hours a week and I cannot even explain how excited I am to get a little one on one time with Jude and Sammer. I feel like Jude totally got lost in the rat race and hasnt gotten as much one on one time so I am excited to really spend some quality time with him!!

Hope you are all doing well with your kids going to school this week and next week. It's a change but I am very hopeful that it is a GOOD change. Vincent luckily hasn't seemed too tired, I think that school may be more CALM than life at home with his crazy brothers! haha 


  1. That is so exciting. I cannot even imagine Ava starting school even though I know 3 years will fly by before I know it and she will be 5. Happy for you getting to spend some more one on one time with Jude and Sam. :)

  2. We're starting our first year of homeschool here and I am jealous of all the cute first day of school school pictures going around! I think I need to take one by the front door with his Thomas back pack just to make myself feel better haha! Your family is so beautiful, you are so blessed!