Anniversary: Let's Build a House ((or 2))

Jordan and I are not big gift givers, honestly we have pretty much all that we need and more. I have never been a big jewelry person minus my wedding ring so it leaves no room for anniversary gifts since I honestly want no jewelry, my wedding ring symbolizes our love and honestly I dont need anything else expensive on my body other than that ring. I do have a small obsession with watches but that is seriously as far as my jewelry collection rolls. Same with most other luxuries, I do not really NEED them, sure I would love a Louis Vuitton purse, but do I really need it, nope, not at all. I have a tendency of ruining things anyway so the cheaper the better for me. Helps our budget too that I am this way, so when ideas for our 5 year anniversary started to roll around there was honestly nothing that I needed, sure I wanted a few things but when I really sat down and thought about each thing I wanted in terms of "will it bring me happiness" or "will it better my life" the answer for each one was NO. Sure that new MK watch on my wish list would probably make me smile and go awesome with some outfits but would it really help me?? No, it is just another thing to add to our list of belongings.

This past week I have been struggling with a lot emotionally. Nothing with my family but just the cruel reminder that there are a lot of scary things going on in this world. The other week our city and suburbs lost access to clean drinking water for 2 days. We weren't allowed to drink or even brush our teeth with the water. It was sheer panic from everyone, clearing the shelves to get bottled water, lines hour long for new shipments of water were all over the city. I just thought about all the countries that have this as their REALITY daily. Clean water is such a luxury and we take it forgranted every single day. We wash our hands, we rinse things down with it, we shower and bathe without even thinking about the water. I also sadly read an article with many graphic photos that I cannot get out of my head on ISIS and what they are doing. They are killing children, and families all because of their values. CHILDREN. Children are being killed left and right. I just do not understand. How can the world be so cruel to children?! I have just been praying on ways that we can help to make this world a better place. It's so easy to sit over here safe and sound in our multi room homes in the United States with our air conditioning and fridges full of food and wish that the world would get better. Praying is good but at the same time we need to also take action if possible. 

This week at Mass we had a priest from the Caribbean visiting and sharing the ministry to help families in the Caribbean slums. These families have NOTHING. He told us that some families have to take turns sleeping because there is not enough room in their hut for everyone to sleep at once so one half of the family will sleep til 1am and the other will sleep from 1am to the morning. Here we are with a 2,800 square foot house and empty bedrooms getting amazing nights of sleep. I feel selfish. Then he went on to talk about the food, these families have nothing. They rely strictly on the church to help them and feed them. There are children just like mine going to bed without dinner. Can you imagine? My boys just have to ask and BAM, they have food. We have a pantry and fridge full and all we have to do is walk into the kitchen. 

When I went to church Sunday I can honestly say that I still wanted my shiny new Micheal Kors watch. There was no doubt that I was most likely going to get it for our anniversary. I mean that's what we do, right? On anniversaries and birthdays we give gifts, even if people do not need them, we have grown up in a culture that thinks you HAVE to give gifts. And sure there is a place and a time for gifts, meaningful ones and it's truly your choice but instantly I knew reading the list of donation amounts what I wanted to do. There were items listed on what each donation amount equated to. $25 would feed 100 poor children, that is 25 cents a child. $500 dollars would provide safe drinking water to a village. $2500 would build a multi room home for a family. 

I sat there, literally with tears welling up in my eyes surrounded by my beautiful family with full bellies and knew what needed to be done. Jordan and I were on the same exact page and knew we would be donating to this cause. There was no doubt in our mind that our money is meant for these people. We have decided to build a home for a family in the Caribbean. This will be our gift for our 5 year anniversary. This is a gift that will change lives and give hope to a family thousands of miles away. This means a million times more than a watch to wear on occasion. 

I started brainstorming how we could help even MORE.....of course we cant give every dime of our money away since we have our own life expenses so I set up a Go Fund Me account. I am trying to raise an additional $2,500 so we can build 2 houses. 

I ask you to please SHARE this and help us hit our goal!!! I mean seriously, I thought ONE house would be amazing but just think, we could build TWO HOUSES for families in dire need. So please, even if you cannot donate, please just SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!!!! 

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