Back at it....

After 2 weeks of back to school hell I hopped back on the workout train yesterday. I swear the two weeks leading up to school are pure madness. When we ended July our August schedule was wide open then bam, in came the emails for orientations and parents meetings and back to school picnics galore. There went our August!!! WHEW. It was pure madness! Good news is that Vincent is LOVING Kindergarten, I semi think that it is more calm at school than it is in our house for him. I mean at home he is bombarded by the 3 little brothers so at school at least he can talk to kids his own age and play with kids who enjoy bigger kids stuff! So all is good. Luke started back yesterday so now we are getting into a rhythm! By next week we should be one finely tuned school machine around these parts!! I can finally get my fitness back in check. I havent fallen off horribly but I can tell a HUGE difference in my mood and the way my body feels. I don't really worry about what the scale says, I go more by how I feel and I feel pretty crummy!

I hopped on the scale yesterday and snapped a shot in the mirror.
(Tired, Bitchy, Low Energy, BLAH!!)
I was originally going to wait until labor day was over but felt so crummy energy wise that I started earlier. I am sore as can be today but things are starting to look up! Its amazing how quickly you feel like crap when you deviate from eating clean and not working out. We are doing a new challenge group next week for 21 day fix and I am going to do the program over. I am so excited because I love the program and its so much fun to do it alongside other women!

In the meantime, Sam found the chocolate chips...I should probably clean him, since he is drooling chocolate all over me. YAY, MOTHERHOOD!! Happy Thursday y'all! 

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