Brew Master....

I guess I am not a master yet but feeling pretty darn successful after brewing my first batch of Kombucha yesterday. I felt like I was a high school student in a chemistry class with my glass jars and utensils ready to brew my first home batch of Kombucha in the kitchen. 

Now if you do not know what Kombucha is, it is fermented tea. It sounds gross but I have honestly started to love it. When it is flavored you can't even taste it. I am addicted to the stuff but was not addicted to the price tag of $4 a bottle so I knew that the only way to cure my addiction was to make it at home. 
(I got my brew kit from Kombucha Brooklyn, Williams-Sonoma also carries their kits so I knew they must be pretty legit. It came with EVERYTHING I needed, the tea (fresh made), sugar, flavor packs, the SCOBY, all of it came from there, I also got my canning jars and all that jazz)

Exactly what is the deal with Kombucha!?!?!
Well since it's fermented it has live bacterias inside it, think about yogurt and the live cultures and bacteria in it that help your intestines. Kombucha is the same, but in a drink form. A few of the amazing benefits of Kombucha are:
Boosts the Immune System
Natural Detoxifier
Rich in Vitamins and Enzymes
Gives you an ENERGY Boost (no joke, I love it)
Increases your Metabolism.
Helps your Joints (Arthritis) 
Aids Digestion and Gut Health 

I honestly thought it was a hoax at first and then I tried it, it gives me a boost and totally helps my digestion. I also just feel healthier and refreshed inside and out. I drink it almost daily and once I start getting into a brewing cycle I will be able to drink every single day. If you want to try it you can usually find it in your local organics section. It's refrigerated and comes flavored. My favorite is the Raspberry Ginger. You will honestly become addicted, I am not kidding. And the fact that it's so amazing for your health is a huge bonus. I honestly think it is kind of like pop without the nasty chemicals and junk. So if you like pop and crave pop I would honestly try Kombucha. I have a feeling you will kick your pop habit! 

 Have you tried the Buch yet?? Have you brewed it? Any tips or tricks for a first time brewer like myself?? I am day 1 into my first batch so any advice is WELCOME and appreciated!

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