Jordan and I love watching series, we have finished so many, 24, Prison Break, Orange is The New Black, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey and so on. Recently we have been watching Weeds. I am slightly addicted and have been trying my best to TRY to get to sleep vs staying up all night watching. Well this season a new hottie appeared on Weeds. Insert, this hottie pants, Demetri. 
He kinda reminds me of Jordan in a way so I thought he was cute right off the bat and I am totally digging him and Nancy's little love affair, even though she sleeps with EVERYONE so I should not get too attached to him! Anyways I didn't realize who he was at all, so I went a few episodes in while Jordan fell asleep, then the next morning he sadly told me who he was.
PORNSTACHE from Orange is The New Black haha now everytime I see him I envision Mendez!!!

His real name is Pablo Schreiber. I giggle at Pablo being his name but he is super cute!
Now I kind of want to rewatch Orange is The New Black to see him again! 

PS if you havent watched Weeds, do it! I love it. There is a lot of bad language and some bad stuff but all in all it's a great and addicting show!! 


  1. We loved Weeds but we never ended up finishing the series. It seems like we lost interest in the last couple if seasons because it just got really weird and out there. Have you watched Homeland? Soooooo good and it's nearly impossible to turn the tv off with that one too. We seem to watch an entire season in one weekend. I think there are 2 or 3 seasons on DVD right now.

  2. Oh my goodness I never would have recognized him!!

  3. I just binged on OITNB this week and I hate myself lol. I really tried to hold of for a few months so I wouldn't have to wait so long for season 3 but I failed big time. My only solace is that SOA is going to be starting soon! Do you watch that one?