Cleanse Results & House Hunters News!!!

A few weeks ago I did the Shakeology 3 day cleanse. Its not like most cleanses where you CAN'T eat real food, so I can actually do it without feeling like death. The cleanse is 3 shakes a day for 3 days, along with green tea, fruit for a snack and dinner or meat and veggies. The cleanse calls for water with the shakes but I prefer almond milk and also since I am breastfeeding I want to make sure I am getting enough calories.

I would say Day 2 is the hardest because you are smack dab in the middle of the cleanse. Its funny because when you know you can't eat something you CRAVE it even more. Funny how the mind works like that. But since it's ONLY 3 days you can suck it up and make it through. Here are my results.
So it freaking rocks, and I know some people wonder about the whole maintaining the weight once you drop, you do. My weight usually fluctuates anyway throughout the day so I always weigh myself in the morning after I use the bathroom. I also never worry if the scale is higher after a day of cheat meals or what not, it always goes back down after a few days of clean eating and working out. But the cleanse is a great way to jump start your journey. I feel like it gives your body a nice starting point and gives YOU the confidence you need to push forward. You can do them whenever you are in a funk, I am guessing my next one will be after Thanksgiving haha!! So there you have it, 3 days, done and done.

I have 3 2extra cleanse packs this month for my blog friends. They are $50 shipped for the 9 shakes, I include the directions and you also gain access to our shakeology group for support during the cleanse. The first 3 2 people to leave their paypal address and pay their invoice get them!

Now EXCITING news....
We had filmed House Hunters again for the Where Are They Now episode and it's on AUGUST 14th at 10pm!! I think we are the last section of the show!! 
I am so excited to see their spin on the train wreck of the house when we moved in to now with all the renovations!!! We filmed when Sammer was just 2 months old so it will be insane to see him as a baby again and to also see how big the others boy are now. So tune in and watch us!! Fingers crossed they make us look normal! haha 


  1. I want to try it! PS I also cannot wait to see your episode. I missed the first one!

  2. I want to try too!

  3. this looks awesome! I'm actually doing the Jillian Michaels 7 days cleanse were you can eat as well! Good luck with it :) Random but I love your reviews, any way you can review the all natural vain kit by Vain Pursuits?

    1. I love Jillian Michaels! I've been following her on YouTube actually! I'll check out her 7 days cleanse though. Never heard of Vain Pursuits... I'll check them out now actually!

  4. I've been watching House Hunter reruns hoping to see yours but haven't yet. :( do you have a link to it?