Diva cup? Say what???

Okay so I made a quick video but I will also explain here for those of you who can't view it, if you're at work reading or something.

Anywho, the other week I posted a picture of my shopping cart, it looked like this:
Self explanatory, right? 

Well a few people commented talking about a diva cup? I honestly thought it was a special Starbucks cup so I was ready to march back and ask the barista where the heck my diva cup was!!!! I was really hoping it was a sequins cup or something special but I found out via my best friend google that it was a menstrual cup. Whomp whomp. At first I just giggled, then was a tad intrigued by this cup thing. I read tons of reviews and decided to order it. Thanks to amazon for being amazing it showed up the next day. I was so excited. But at the same time was weirded out. 
Ive had limited periods the past 5 years so I have always used tampons without even blinking an eye. I never put much thought into it at all. But tampons are cotton and cotton is GMO. Gag. I am a freak about GMO products, so I am all for any alternative! Plus not having to buy tampons or worry about them is kind of exciting. My kids always rip them out of the box and play with them anyways so it will save me on clean up. 
I watched a few YouTube videos and took my instructions in the bathroom and tried it out. It took a few times to get it right. I know its super awkward, I still remember trying to figure out a tampon, most weird thing ever so its very similar to that! 
You don't have to change as often
No waste, reuseable
NO LEAKS. This baby can hold a TON.
Can't even feel it 
Easy once you get hang of it

Getting over the Ick factor 
The awkward pin they give you haha
(like legit a pin to pin to your coat that says "diva")

Not much phases me after watching my four boys come out of my lady parts, and yes you can watch, they have a mirror, it helps a ton!! Haha so from that and also what felt like the whole world in the room for each birth (not exaggerating 10 people were in the room for Vincent's) I am not phased by chatting about a good ole "vagina" cup. Bahahahaha. That is totally why they call it a mensuration cup because the word vagina would freak everyone out 

I would definitely recommend trying it. I will be using it from now on. You are supposed to rinse each use but if you are in a public bathroom you can just wipe it down with toilet paper and rinse the next time, I had to do that when we were at a restaurant. No biggie at all. 

Through the past 5 years I have really taken control of my feminine health. I honestly could do posts for weeks on it because there is so much to learn and know. I really do encourage you to learn about your cycles and body. You are in control of your health, so read up and learn all that you can. Getting in tune with your body is so rewarding and makes life much more understandable. 
So yes to the Diva Cup!

What's your take?? Have you made the switch? 

{PS. Pink Pad app is where its at for charting. I chart my period, my moods, my health haha. I chart it all}

PSS. While making this video in the bathroom Jude fell asleep in the tub! :)


  1. I know I am going to sound like a nut, but I have never used a tampon. I am so scared of them after one of my friends got toxic shock in middle school and was in the hospital. I have always used pads and don't really mind them. The Always Infinity ones are nice. Good for you for trying the Diva Cup, I've heard about it, but I don't think it's for me!

  2. Noticed them right away but did not want to worry you. Thought we could talk about it when I come up there. In NO way would trust tampax anymore, Honey.

  3. Can't be much different than inserting a diaphragm. Do those even still exist as a form of birth control? It is all I ever used. 30 years ago, something in my head said to stay away from the Pill. Now I'm so glad I did!

  4. Most of my friends use diva cups. Tampons not only have lots of chemicals but they have actually been found to CAUSE endometriosis (which can lead to infertility, not that you have to worry about that haha!) and they're super bad for you. My friends all really love their cups.

  5. Loved this post! Keep the healthier and more natural posts coming!!! :)

  6. I loved my divacup! When I bought it at sprouts I lingered in the aisle a little too long so the guy that was working the health/beauty department came over to ask if I needed help and then he saw what I was looking at and froze and was got this expression like "please say you don't need any help" lol.
    I got pretty used to putting it in and taking it out after a bit so it's no big deal now. Somehow I lost it, and it really upset me considering it was supposed to save me money lol.