#emptyglasscity {no water}

Saturday morning we woke up to numerous texts to NOT drink our water. I was honestly so confused. My mother in laws text said it was toxic. I had literally took a shower less than 10 hours before in the water and been drinking it all night. Yay for me and also the  boys who drank it all night.

I didn't realize how crazy it was until news reports said all the stores were out of bottled water and nearby cities up to an hour away were also out of water. It was freaking madness. We didn't freak because Jordan's grandpa was coming so he brought us a few cases of water. I had to go to the grocery for a few things and it was sheer madness. All the produce that was sprayed with the sprinklers was gone, the shelves were cleared and there was a giant line of people waiting for another shipment of water.
It was madness. We are now almost 48 hours in. Making due with bottled water for everything. 
The worst part is you cannot boil the water, so no cooking with it or even washing dishes or clothing. The heat increases the toxins. We get our water from Lake Erie and its a train wreck. This is an image from the news. I want to gag. 
There has been some dirty stories of mean people and stores price gouging people for water but there has been a ton of good awesome acts of kindness. Last night Luke , Vincent and I took a wagon full of water to our neighbors just in case they weren't able to get any. At the same time we were doing that our backyard neighbor had brought Jordan over a 24 pack of water. I mean seriously her and I were doing the same act at the sane time. Our one neighbor honestly almost cried. She is almost 80's I would guess and I have only chatted with her a few times through our yards so she was so thrilled we could talk a little as my kids literally walked in her front door toting water in. She said we bring her so much joy with the kids running wild in the yard playing and she sits on her porch and soaks it in every day. I of course was overwhelmed to hear that because we really do try to be good neighbors and sometimes I get nervous because the boys run wild naked in the yard haha but she said she loves us. So I am glad we are bringing some joy to her life! So there was a lot of good from this happening. We met some great neighbors and the boys were so excited to help people and make sure everyone had water. 

I am hoping the ban lifts soon, its been very weird not using the water. I feel like hands down the most wasteful person in America with all these bottles of water floating around our house. But here we are almost to day 3 of #emptyglasscity

Luckily we are all smiles. 


  1. My aunt lives and works near downtown Toledo and said it has been a mess! Sometimes I love living in the country because we still have a well, but when the power goes out the well pump can't run and we don't have water unless we start the generator. Hope you can find a place to recycle all those water bottles!

  2. that's awful! I always say I'm going to have extra cases of water but Iggy always plows right through them so I don't see the point lol. Maybe order some on Amazon where the prices aren't too high just in case. To think everyone around here is upset the city is banning watering your grass more than a few times a week and there's billboards pleading for everyone to just have a dirty car until the drought lifts lol