House Hunters- Tomorrow!

I am so excited, tomorrow night they air our second House Hunters episode!! We filmed this past February with all of our renovations so I am so excited to see it come to life!! Pictures don't show the angles of the renovations well so I am pumped to see what it looks like video taped.
August 14th at 10pm (third segment of show)
Let's take a quick peek at the madness we moved into.
We also demolished the "master bath" and made a jack and jill bath and 4th bedroom.
When we moved in a little over a year and a half ago we had planned to only renovate one bathroom, then we became addicted to the renovation process and brought this old beauty back to life with a tiny bit of Darr family flair. When I look around these rooms it brings me so much joy because we picked every tiny detail of it. It was definitely a long process but so worth it! I cannot wait to see it come to life tomorrow night on HGTV at 10pm. We are the third segment of the show.

Here is a pic of Sammer from the day we filmed. He was only 2 months old. 
 I am semi cringing at seeing myself 2 months post partum but it will kind of be cool at the same time to see how far I have come in my health and fitness. I was literally 20-25 pounds heavier when we filmed. INSANITY how much changes in a few months!!! Feeling uber blessed.

Let me know if you guys catch the episode!!! eeeeeek!!

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  1. I watched it! You looked fabulous! Love what yall did to the house! It looks great!