Today I figured that I would break down my results and the reasons why I absolutely love the 21 day fix!! So I figured I would list the 21 reasons why I love the 21 day fix! Let me start by saying that I was always skeptical of home workouts! I always envisioned Richard Simmons and women doing Jazzercize. I also envisioned them being too hardcore for me similar to insanity and those intense programs. So I always thought the only way for me as a mom to get fit again would be running (which I hate) or going to the gym. Sadly I tried both of those after Luke and Jude and neither stuck or worked for me. Running made me angry and going to the gym was more work GETTING THERE than anything. I made no progress with either so after Sam I realized I would have to try another avenue. I gained around 45 with him and about 25 came off through breastfeeding and my post partum anxiety hell period. I literally could not eat there for a few weeks. I was forcing myself to chug Ensure and protein bars. Postpartum Anxiety is a horrible experience. But that hell aside I started this journey with 15 pounds to lose to get back to prepregnancy weight and I ended up losing 20!!! I have never dipped below 120 since high school.

Alright so let's start the list because obviously I am blown away.
0. Because this needs to be NOTED...You can do this while BREASTFEEDING. I started when Sam was 3 months old! He is still breastfeeding and I have ZERO issues!! 

1. This picture says it all.
I lost 10 lbs on the first round alone. Then an additional 10 on the months to follow.

2. The meal plan. I eat fairly clean so I did not follow the meal plan but if you have trouble eating this is completely AMAZING. Tells you exactly what portions to eat and what exactly to eat! So if you have trouble with portions and clean eating the meal plan ALONE will help you!

3. 30 minutes. The workouts are 30 minutes! 

4. Not too much cardio. PRAISE THE LORD. The days are all different. There are a few cardio things but you get to breathe in between sets and it doesn't kill your soul. I swear it's not that bad.

5. Autumn Calabrese 
I love her. She is so ENCOURAGING. She is also isn't too intense or scary fit. She is real and raw and such a fun person to do the video with!! She makes you believe in and push yourself 

6. Chocolate. You can still have chocolate with the meal plan.

7. Wine. You can still have wine.

8. Let's just REPEAT 6&7. You can still have chocolate and wine. 
Maybe I should just STOP there! haha!

9. It's only 21 days. I am a huge procrastinator so anytime I try a 60 day challenge or even 30 day challenge I usually burn out and quit. But 21 days was a tad easier to obtain. 3 weeks and done.  

10. Energy- I always rolled my eyes at people telling me how energetic I would feel from working out. Honestly I wanted to slap them because I was already dead tired how was physically exerting my precious energy going to give me any energy?? But it does!!! 

11. Never leave the house. I never ever ever have to step foot outside to workout! I never have to drag my boys to the gym to workout! 

12. $$$$ I wish this program would have been out before we joined the gym and signed a 1 year contract at $80 a month. Yep add that up. We literally threw money out the window. I could have bought the 21 day fix every single month and had 100's left over. Silly me.

13. Getting dressed. I look a complete mess when I workout and no one has to see me. I can legit roll out of bed and workout! No judgement zone in your own home. 

14. Back to the judgement. Since I am at home I don't have to worry about having to water down moves for myself. I don't have to worry when I have to hit pause. I do it at my own pace.

15. 4 boys under 5. Yep insanely I can complete a full workout with the boys at home. It is nice because they take breaks in between sets so if the boys need me I just hit pause and come back to it! Some days it takes an hour to make it through the workout but I get it done. 

16. Shakeology. Yep I used to make fun of people for their shakes. I was totally the "I only eat real food" for meals girl. When I started the 21 day fix I swore I wouldn't do Shakeology! But from the first shake I drank I was sold! I no longer crave coffee or Starbucks for energy. I drink one of these daily and it fills my belly and gives me energy. Plus it helps my digestion a TON. 

17. Did someone say Starbucks. If you follow me on IG and FB you know how much I still love sweets and the occasional calorie high frappe! And guess what. I still have them and I will always still have them. This workout allows me to be able to eat things that I love (in moderation) and still maintain my weight and body. 

18. And back to chocolate and wine. Those too! :) 

19. Oh hi I weigh less than I did at 19 years old. WHAT?? After 4 babies in 5 years. After gaining a combined 200 lbs during those. Yes I ate for 2 during the first pregnancy and gained 70lbs. I legit weighed more than Jordan. I didn't care one bit! 

20. 20 LBS LOST!!! Holler!!!! I have been chilling at 117 all summer long. It's so awesome to me that I am maintaining my weight and not having to kill myself to do it! 
(I feel super confident!! A feeling no one can ever take away from me!)

21. It's on sale this month. Of course I had to share that detail. I have been waiting for this baby to come back on sale since I started back in March! 
Super bonus: You get me as your coach!!! Heyo!!! haha meaning I am beside you through your journey and will help you achieve your goals!!! I wish I would have had a coach pushing my butt!!!

So there you have it ladies!! The reasons why i have been doing the 21 Day fix since March. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Let's do this! Now is the time because it's on sale!! And we have a HUGE JACKPOT in our accountability group valued at $400 right now!!!! You get entries for purchase and also doing the workout and posting! 


  1. Hi Allie! After months of waiting for some time to free up on my calendar to squeeze in workouts, I realize that is never going to happen so I'm ready to just accept I need to MAKE time and join 21 Day Fix! How do I sign up?? How do I purchase? (At the sale price of course!)

    1. forgot to say: effisher33@gmail.com Thanks!

  2. I want a chance for 21 days free! deidalee@ gmail dot com

  3. Oh my gosh I need this. I also want to know how much and how to sign up in case I don't win! You look amazing! loveperfection5@msn.com

  4. Room for 1 more? How much!? Katie.abramczyk@gmail.com