Baked Peaches & Fresh Whipped Cream.

We have been on a peach kick lately in this house. We are burnt out on apples for the time being and soaking in as much fresh peaches as we can. I decided to make a dessert with them for something new and exciting for the boys. I was going to do peach cobbler but wanted it to be semi healthy. So I just decided to bake the peaches. 
 My little sous chef helped me chop them up and I tossed them in a tiny bit of coconut oil. 
Bake them in the oven for 30-40 minutes on 350. Half way through I drizzled a little bit of honey and sprinkled them with cinnamon to bring out some additional flavors. 

While they were baking I made my whipped cream.
I will now go into my quick spiel about WHY I HATE COOL WHIP.
Cool Whip my friends is NOT whipped cream, yes, I know, sounds crazy right? That they would sell it as whipped cream. Cool Whip is made of water, hydrogenated oil, and high fructose corn syrup, now that sounds awesome right?? Well, it grosses me out! So since I figured that out I have been whipping my own and it tastes a MILLION times better!!! So just a little FYI, it really creeped me out when I read the ingredients. No thank you!!! 

So to make your own it's easy. You just need some heavy whipping cream and I also use powdered sugar. I was out of powdered sugar so I put regular sugar in the vitamix and BAM, powdered sugar!
 Don't laugh, I thought you had to BUY powdered sugar. Never knew I could make it at home. 
 Just whip the heavy cream and as much powdered sugar as you like, I would say maybe 1/4 a cup, depending on how you want it to taste. Whip it on high for a few minutes. Keep an eye on it because once it starts to thicken it goes quick and if you dont catch it, it starts to turn to butter! haha!
 I promise you will be licking the bowl clean because this stuff is addicting!!! Peace out Cool Whip....errrrr hydrogenated oil whip?? haha 
 After peaches are done, top with the real whipped cream and ENJOY!!
Such an easy last minute dessert idea. You can also bake apples the same exact way.

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