Closet Makeover.

The boys have this giant closet in their room which I wanted to put a bed in but Jordan quickly vetoed that idea, so the past year I have just been storing donation bins inside it, along with any other junk that's lying around the house. A catch all closet, if you will. So I decided to FINALLY do something with it the other day. Welcome the boys new play/reading closet!! 
I had so much stuff laying around that I only had to buy a few things! Here is what I started with, a closet full of junk! Boxes of donations, random bed paddings and bins full of blankets! 
 First I cleared it all out and put down the rug. I realized we had a memory foam the same exact size so I put that under the rug for some extra comfy padding for the boys! They will most likely sleep in there at some point so figured some padding will help! 
Sam clearly helped, he ordered me around the room and told me what to do. 
The one door on the closet is broke and I am going to have Jordan take the other one off as well.
The two things I did buy for the makeover were:
Large tension rod
2 84" curtain panels
I got both at Wal Mart for under $20.
I thought this would make it more private and FUN for the boys, like a secret cave! 
They are already in love with the space....
 I used the top shelf for books because honestly books on a lower shelf get thrown ALL over so this way I have to get them for them!! Takes the headache out of always having to pick up books! 
 I added some left over Christmas lights and also a bin for toys.
 Vincent was seriously so pumped for this. I had it all complete when him and Luke got home from school. His jaw literally dropped! 
 The rug inside is 4x6 so its a huge space and helps a lot with their room. Just adds another nook of the house to utilize. I hate dead space so this makes me so happy!! 
So there you have it, a little DIY project that will hopefully keep clutter out of my house. 
If you are curious where all those boxes went, I shoved them in the new guest room which is a complete train wreck and shut the door. I will get to that another day! I have kids to love on instead!


  1. Love this idea! What a great use of space! I bet the boys are loving it! Great job!

  2. This is so cool
    I totally need an extra closet so I can do this
    My son would LOVE it :)