D Family Health Boosters

I am a huge lover of anything natural to get rid of being sick!! Here are a few of my favorite things that we do as a family to try to keep us as healthy as possible.  
Fish Oil- 
We have done fish oil for probably the past 3-4 years. We used to take it in pill form but switched a few years back to fermented cod liver oil because it is better for you. We take it daily in a syringe. The boys don't even mind it. We just give them a syringe full and they squirt it in and chase it down with water. We get ours here at Green Pasture. We love the Oslo Orange. 

This is honestly my most favorite part of everyday. I am obsessed with this stuff!! I am now brewing 2 gallons a week so I can drink it daily! This stuff gives me energy and also makes me feel regular haha I will be doing another post about the whole brewing process now that I feel like I finally have it under my belt. I am obsessed with flavoring it!!! Blueberry Ginger is my favorite at the moment! 

Elderberry Syrup- 
Last year I did just elderberry pills and I swear they worked. I was pregnant and never got sick. Obviously I got stuffed up but nothing too crazy. Definitely no flu! This year I made the elderberry syrup in hopes that it will be easier for all of us to just take a daily shot! Its pretty tasty too and was super easy to make! 

Neti Pot-
We started the netipot over 5 years ago. I am still obsessed. This baby clears out your sinuses and relives pressure. It is life changing I swear!! I made my dad try it the other week and he felt relief instantly! You can buy them anywhere and they come with saline packets too! You have to neti! 

Super Tonic-
This is the newest addition to our arsenal. This is insane. Its probably one of the grossest things I have ever consumed. It burns the crap out of your throat and you can legit feel it going through your system but it works!! It clears out your sinuses and everything super quick. We will be getting more of this for the future but this is an Allie and Jordan only trick.  

Fermented Foods
I am not a lover of these. I honestly gag over the smell but Jordan LOVES them. I do not think he cares for the smell either but he always says it will make him live longer so he is all for it! We haven't made our own yet so we just order from a farm that has a delivery service to our town. It's amazing because they work with another farm who sells meat and eggs and team up! So we can get all our eggs, cheese, and fermented foods in one delivery. 

I know I technically work for "Beachbody" so this may seem like an ad and it's not. Even if I did not work for them I would still have this on my list! I love and swear by this stuff. I can instantly tell when I haven't had it during the day. This stuff fills my body with all the vitamins and minerals I need and makes me feel alive! I have been drinking it since March and am still obsessed not only with the effects but the taste. I crave it! 

Other than those I also love chia seeds and coconut oil!! I have also been trying raw honey and tumeric too! I am really willing to try anything! What are your favorite all natural tricks!? 


  1. Does booze count lol whenever I have a cold I try to knock it out with soup that has a lot of onions and garlic and then some tea with whiskey. I find that the Wild Turkey Honey works best with some decaf green tea or sleepy time tea and a little honey mixed in. Of course, I could not do this when I was pregnant so I did steam showers. I am so scared to try the neti pot even though everyone talks about it. I will admit I will take meds if I am super sick but I try to avoid them.

  2. Kefir and elderberry syrup! Just started YL essential oils and loving them so far!