I don't....

I don't do salads. I have tried time and time again but salads just are not my jam. I can eat them sometimes but it's not my favorite thing. I have learned that you have to create your own menu when being healthy and just because you don't lie salads doesn't mean you are doomed. I love stirfry loaded with veggies and also lettuce wraps. NOM! 

I don't wear real bras. Okay that isn't fully true. When we go out to eat or somewhere nice I will wear a real bra but normal days its sports bras all the time. I am all about comfort. Also if I don't feel like getting fully dressed but wanna look semi put together I just throw on a tee and a scarf. The scarf fully covers the sports bra straps that always show! So that is why I wear a lot of scarves. 

I don't do "perfect". I laugh at people when they say I have it all together. That is the furthest thing from the truth. I am not and will never be perfect. I am normal. I am human. I make tons of mistakes....daily! I do rock the crap out of being imperfect! 

I don't do drama. I used to play those drama games in high school and college but I don't play that anymore. Leave the drama at the door. 

I don't do spiders. I just can't. I think this is LEGIT one of the reasons that always comes up when Jordan and I discuss moving South! How embarrassing that this is a reason on my list. Jordan always says that we need winter to kill off the spiders. Maybe Alaska would be best. Freeze those monsters away.

I don't do fake. There is nothing more I hate than spending time with people who aren't genuine. I don't care what your husband does for work. I don't care how many square feet your house is. I do not care what type of car you drive. All those things are silly. I care about YOU. I care about how you treat people and what makes you tick! I want to know you and have a real relationship! 

I don't do bathroom breaks. I hope I am not the only mom who does this. But when I travel alone with the boys to my parents or what not I do not get out of the car for bathroom breaks. It's called pee out the door of the car or into a cup that I pour out the door. I think this is one of the reasons God blessed me with boys. They are talented like that! 

I don't do organized or clean. Back to the not being perfect. My house can clean up real nice and I can organize stellar but within a day or two things go back to normal! I do try my best to keep things clean and organized but it's just not me. I have like 4-5 junk drawers in the kitchen! It's all because I do not like clutter on the counters so I just swipe it into drawers. 

I don't let the past dictate my future. I used to dwell on things that didn't go right or that didn't happen! Not worth the time worrying. I didn't grow up Catholic and never went to church but that didn't mean I couldn't change the path for my children. Now we don't miss a mass. My parents got a divorce but that doesn't tarnish by belief in marriage. It doesn't dictate that my marriage will fail. It actually drives me to not want that to happen. So instead of letting the past weigh you down use it to propel you to rock out life! 

I don't do sushi. Seriously. I just cannot even. CAN. NOT. 

I don't blow dry my hair. Honestly MAYBE once every few months. I shower at night and my hair goes up in a messy bun. Mom hair for the win. 

I don't really like going out. I honestly never have. Even in college the bar scene was more annoying than exciting. I would much rather chill out around a fire with some friends than go out. If I have to put on shoes....and heels...it better be really important. I just love being comfy! 

Anyone feel the same???


  1. I wish I was a neat freak like my mother, but I've learned to accept the fact that I don't mind a little clutter. I wish I could get away with not wearing a bra or just a sports bra but these girls are just too big for all that haha. When I work out I wear two sports bras or a regular bra under my sports bra.

  2. I love your "I don't do real bras", I don't either and my husband makes fun of me ALL THE TIME! :) He's always saying, "you don't play basketball anymore, Emily...you can wear a normal bra now".

  3. Every time I go out to eat sushi (Iggy loves it) I feel cheated out of a meal. It's just not filling lol

  4. HATE sushi! Can't even stand the smell. Bathroom breaks, lol! My daughter goes WAY more than my son. And I can deal with the occasional spider if it means I don't have to put up with Ohio winters.