Our First Citrus Lane Box!!!

I was tempted a few months back to try out Citrus Lane but since I was already doing Julep for myself I passed. I decided last month that I had enough nail polish from Julep so I cancelled it and decided to get Jude a box for himself since his big brothers have school everyday. Poor little Jude gets lost in the rat race so I thought this would be something fun JUST for him and me and him could play with it each month and have our own one on one time!! I had a special coupon to get my first box for $7 so it was a no brainer. Then my friends also told me that when you go to cancel your subscription they will offer you 3 additional months for $15! So I did that too! Now I am only paying $15 a month for the box. WINNING. Here is a peek at our first box! 
We got a wooden Melissa and Doug Puzzle. I am a HUGE M&D fan because their stuff is so well made! We already had this one but its new colors so Jude and Sam were excited. 
Boon bath puzzle. This thing ROCKS. I don't know about you but I rarely get a shower ALONE. So I always end up having toys in the shower and this puzzle sticks right to the wall. It's awesome! 
Barefoot Books Book. I have heard a lot about this brand but never really looked into it. This book is awesome. Its really well made and also comes with a audio CD for the car. And Debra Messing from Will & Grace is reading the book. AWESOME! 
So just those 3 alone were well worth it! We also got a snack but Jude ate it! haha! 

I would say hands down Citrus Lane is worth it!! Especially for $15 a box!! You customize it to your childs gender and age. This box is for Jude so its a 2 year old boy theme. My friend said her daughter got a cool cloud b nighttime light in her box! 

And after that box just go to "cancel" your account and they will give you your next 3 boxes for $15!! Or if you really don't like it just cancel but I have a feeling you will love it! PS it's all free shipping too! 
I hope you love it as much as we do now!! It's also an awesome idea for grandparent gifts. Spread the gifts out over a few months or a year!!! 


  1. I think you have me sold:) Quick Question... Did you subscribe for the one box or the 3 month plan and then cancel?

    1. I think I signed up for 3 months just in case haha!

  2. I've been going back and forth about getting something like this for Jeanette. Now that she's mobile I feel like she's bored with all of her toys.

  3. Super cute. There are boxes for slightly different ages, right!?