Sammer Jammer

Yesterday I decided to bust out my big girl camera and take some pics of Sammer around the house. I need to do this more often. I am awesome at cell phone photos of him but need some so I can print them off for canvases. Let's just say this kid kills me. Every little face he makes melts my soul. 
 We have mastered the art of clapping and waving. It is so cute!! 
 and he gets so EXCITED!! 
 Clearly Sammer isnt missing any meals! 
 Did you just call me chubby!!?!?! 
He popped 3 teeth at once. Poor guy!!! 
 But we are still all smiles. 
 There is a huge dose of Sammer!!! Now to continue on pulling out my 5D more often and snapping more pics!! Happy Wednesday yall!! 


  1. Super pics of Sammy, Allie!! Grammy can't wait to see him and his brothers!

  2. He is so adorable and has the best smile :-)

  3. He looks much different from the other boys. Still adorable!