The Great Costume Decision.

Every year up until this point I personally picked what the boys would be for Halloween. I loved planning themed ideas and honestly its probably best because with 4 kids I was running out of ideas. This year Vincebt decided he wanted to choose. In my mind I wanted Vincent and Luke to be cops and Jude and Sam to be jailbirds and the older two pull them in the red wagon which would have a sign that read "Paddy Wagon".

I hadn't mentioned it yet to the boys but when Vincent said the other day he wanted to be a police officer when he grew up, I knew it was time to start laying the bait, " so buddy wouldn't it be awesome if you were one for Halloween", "I want to be Sonic, next year I can be a police officer" mom plan trumped. I googled Sonic costumes and he got all excited. Luke now wants to be Knuckles. I searched high and low for a Tails costume for Jude but all the tails costumes are girls?! Since when is Tails a chick? Did I miss the memo?
So alas, this is the costume plan for now.
 And because these two can't really fight me I will still do my idea. I mean honestly Jude will freak out and be so excited to be a police officer. Just no billy club for him, he would whack kids all night trick or treating!

 Last year costumes seriously were awesome. They even carried plungers. Good ole Mario and Luigi and Toad NEVER disappoint!
 But hands down my all time favorite year was this one. We did the movie UP.
Luke dressed as an old man killed me. I was cracking up! I even sprayed his hair with grey coloring! 
 I seriously smile so big over these pictures. I remember the night being so damn cold and those balloons flying wild, Jordan was out of town so my neighbor boy and I carted the boys around the block! It was fun!
What are your kiddos being??
Did they pick? Or did you nicely force them like I tried? ;)

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  1. Jeanette is only 7 months old, but I found the most adorable owl costume on the carters website that I will likely get for her. My mom made our costumes several times, I remember being a really cute mouse one year and by brother and I were Wednesday and Pugsly one year too, it was super cute! You should think about Addams family costumes :)