Thursday, October 9, 2014

Buckeye Madness

My all time favorite treat. The chocolate peanut buttery goodness in one wonderful bite sized treat. During the holidays these are legit my favorite thing on cookie trays. I choose these over any fancy cutout cookie. Unless there are cutout cookies with sprinkles, spinkles always draw me in. I posted a photo of a package of buckeyes the other day on my instagram. I was shocked just how many people had no idea what they were. I'm clearly just stuck in my Ohio bubble thinking Buckeyes are a tradition all over the world.
Martha's buckeyes are my favorite. They just started selling them at our bigger grocery chains and also sell them in handy little 3 packs too. Peace out Hershey's candy bars, Martha's Buckeyes are here to take your spot. Anyways since I found these babies at the store I have been grabbing them very often. And crushing them. I swear once you have one you want them all. I dare you to just eat one. Super addicting. 
When I think of Buckeyes it is not the football team and crazy fans that come to mind. Its these balls of heaven. 
Here is a recipe. Its literally one of the easiest things in the world. Don't say I didn't warn you though! 
Well I decided I can't eat them daily but I can easily fulfill my cravings with my shakes. 
My go to shakeology treat. It never disappoints. 

Did you know what buckeyes were? Do you call them buckeyes? 


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