Cowabunga Dude

I posted last month about our costume decision. I wasn't in love with the Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles idea for Vincent and Luke because I selfishly wanted them all to match because honestly there are only so many years where my input will matter. So I did what any good mom would do and ignored the face they wanted Sonic and let it simmer for a few weeks before I broached the subject again. Last week I was online getting ready to order their costumes when I pulled up the Party City site and on the page were the Ninja Turtles. Not sure why it never dawned on me that there were indeed 4 ninja turtles, perfect for a family with 4 boys. And beyond perfect when I saw they even carried an infant sized get up!! The boys honestly have never seen the ninja turtle show but I asked them anyway! "Vincent how cool would it be if you guys were ninja turtles for Halloween!!!!" If you give the right tone to anything kids will usually jump at it! And they did. Luke and Vincent sprinted over to see the costumes online and of course fell in love with the awesome idea that turtles were ninjas. And hello, they had swords and nunchucks!

Of course they all wanted to be red but I just picked whatever was in stock. It ended up Sam is the red one and the other 3 are whatever color that fits haha. They didn't even care when they arrived, they were just pumped to be turtles. Vincent has worn his the past two days, doing his ninja moves all over the house, swiping his sword and making crazy ninja noises.

Here are a few peeks of the little ninjas. I die. Seriously. Way too cute.
What are your little ones being for Halloween??? 


  1. we have two turtles as well here, and actually Lauren wanted to be a turtle as well but then changed her mind to Snow White once we got in the store.

  2. Super cute! Sydney is wearing each of her old costumes from e last three years to Halloween parties. She has already been Zarina (the pirate fairy from Tinkerbell), she will be ladybug girl for another party, and then she has a new bat fairy costume for Halloween. Lol.