Here we go AGAIN!

I started the 21 day fix in March after Sam but never followed the meal plan. Mainly because the thought of containers and food stressed me out. My main focus was breastfeeding and the kids while trying to workout! I had huge success with the program and ended up dropping 20lbs. I was only expecting to hit 123, my usual not pregnant weight and I was shocked to hit 117!! I haven't weighed that since high school. I was insanely pumped over it!! I have done pretty well all summer with just maintaining that weight. I fell off the workout bandwagon and also my eating healthy has been hit or miss. I just really love chocolate and Starbucks fraps! Alas, one of my goals this year was to do the ENTIRE program for 21 days, MEAL PLAN included.

I am usually the type of person who sees a "plan" and automatically wants to cheat. I don't do well with plans. I swear it always makes me hungrier when I know I cannot eat something. Thankfully this plan allows some chocolate. And plus it's only 21 days so I can just suck it up and handle it! ((hopefully))

I took a before video because I feel like sometimes pictures don't show the full effect.

My meal plan is going to be uber boring. Mainly because I want it to be INSANELY easy!
And you better believe I have Chipotle on my list because it's approved. I figured that would be my reward meal each week if I stay on track! We really are pretty clean eaters but I think my snacking is where I have issues. Hello graham crackers and cheddar bunnies children snacks! If it's in the house I will eat it! So I just need to get more quick healthy snacks around.  

I will officially be starting Monday October 6th! I have a group of ladies doing it with me so I am so darn excited to see what happens. I figured I will update each Friday with how I am feeling and the results!! Because right now I am feeling a tad like crud. My energy level is down and I just need a nice little kick in the butt! If you have the program let me know! Would love for you to join us!! If you need more info on it also let me know!! 


  1. I totally had Chipotle last week and it was so rewarding! I got the chicken salad no cheese or sour cream and much less corn than I usually get which is a lot! Haha, corn is practically my favorite food lol.

  2. I want to buy the 21 day fix soon! I'm actually really looking forward to the containers because I do better with strict guidelines than trying to wing it