I love our dog. Not. Facepalm.
 My workout buddy.
 Candy's Signature Cocktails tasting party.
 Celebrating my friends amazing new product! Seriously, this flavored vodka is so yummy. I will do an upcoming post on the line and some yummy recipes.
 Trunk or treat. My crew! Haha
 I've been trying to be more organized. Only took me like 5 years. Bahahahaha my husband is very skeptical of how long it will last but I'm going crazy getting rid of crap and getting things in their place. Its semi freeing! Ahhhh!
 Hobby Lobby gets me every single time.
 A peek at the maternity pics I did for my cousin. Its busy season for photography so I have been working a ton! I love her smile in this one.
 Stud. Enough said.
My new hiding spot. For a quick retreat from the boys. I can hear them and see them over the balcony but can easily ignore them haha. #momlife

Hope you all have a fab week. If we are not following eachother on IG we need to be! 

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