New Obsession...TWICE!!!

Have you guys heard of Twice?? I did not until my friend referred me to them! Its like a Plato's Closet but online! It's a place where you can sell your gently used items and also buy items!! The coolest part is they actually pay you WELL for your items which is nice. I swear in college I would sell tons of my clothes to Plato's and get $10 for 20 items haha! What a rip off!!!

The coolest thing is that they send you a HUGE BAG to ship your items for free!! 
Insane to me still!!! You just pack them up and drop them at the post office and you are DONE! 

I went through my closet and carefully picked items that I have not worn in a long time. They have a huge list of brands that they buy so I just grabbed a lot of my Gap Outlet and Express stuff! I used to work for Express before children so I had TONS of dress pants and clothes that were barely worn obviously because my usual go-to has been yoga pants and comfy stuff since I have been pregnant the past 5 years haha! Anyways I made a pile and folded it all up and packed it into the bag! 
It was so weird just dropping the giant bag off at the post office and not having to PAY anything! 
I felt like it was robbery! But it was awesome! 
I sent my bag on October 20th. And I woke up today to my email for the offer.....
They bought 13 items and passed on a few that were a tad worn which is fine. You can choose to accept the offer or if you do not want the offer they will ship them all back to you! So freaking awesome! I of course happily took the offer. You also get a $10 credit just for selling! The will donate the extra items that they did not buy to goodwill unless you want them back. 

If you click my referral link you will get $10 just for signing up!!! Then if you sell you will get another $10. Umm hello FREE $20 just for cleaning your closet out!!! 

ALSO use this code to get an additional 30% off TODAY!!! -- CANDY30

I hope you guys check it out!! I am officially obsessed with Twice!!!

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