Whew! I do not know if it was just my wonderful time of the month or a combination of that and the fall weather but holy heck last week I was out of commission. Was just in a complete funk and wanted to do nothing. I wish it was that easy. I still did a lot but the workouts got pushed to the back burner. I started back Sunday with a double workout and am back on track! I am actually feeling more like a functioning human being now. Holler! I am down 2 lbs and have 2 weeks left to go! I am finally starting to see the fluff in my midsection go away. This summer I could sit down without any buldge and let's just say that is NOT the case right now. My goal is to have that almost gone in 2 weeks. We will see what happens. The reason I adore this workout is because all I have to do is push play. I don't have to get dressed or go somewhere. It's so nice. Anyways here is an update.
Tomorrow I have a post of the boys costumes ready to go!! 
Funny thing is now I need to find them all. They all ran off with them when we bought them so I need to wrangle in the chaos and find them before trick or treat! 

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