Weekend Fail...

Well I guess I wasn't really on a plan so I cannot call the weekend a total fail. I had my photography mini sessions this weekend which means one thing; STARBUCKS! And then since it's fall weather I decided that baking made sense. I love chex mix. Seriously. And the only time I make it is the fall, same goes for cut out cookies, buckeyes (which they now sell at our store. I die) and fudge. These are all my winter go-tos and since I only do them a few months a year, I do not feel one ounce of guilt.

So I got all my supplies for chex mix, I will share my recipe soon because it's AMAZING. I use honet nut chex and some other fun stuff for the perfect salty sweet mix! It's addicting. Well when I was headed at the checkout, Martha's Buckeyes were right there to greet me. If you have never had buckeyes, I feel bad for you. They are pretty much chocolate peanut butter balls of heaven. I could eat them all day every day. Well I snagged a box of those babies. This was all on Sunday when I planned to start the 21 day fix the following day. Setting myself up for a complete fail. But boy did it taste good! Moral of the story I gained a few more pounds this weekend and yesterday started the program.

I cheated horrible yesterday when I crushed 4 buckeyes and some chex mix for breakfast. I promise you if something is in my house, I WILL EAT IT. And the boys were hanging with me and had their bowls of chex mix so of course I took a few bites handfuls. But I decided to not throw the entire day a way and I got my workout in and ate healthy the rest of the day. Today I am back on track....okay I did eat ONE buckeye after my breakfast but they are GONE....I had to finish the container. So no more in the house and that is a bonus!! I am off to do my workout and eat healthy the rest of the day!  Cant wait to do weekly updates on my journey!

Anyone else have the same eat everything in the house issues as me???

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  1. Raising my hand over here. I have that issue!! I thought of this pin right away, haha. :)


    And this one for Lent, haha.