Boys Rooming Situation....

I get asked all the time how we room the boys. I also have been meaning to post on this since last year when our House Hunters episode aired and I read a wonderful chatroom discussion where these strangers bashed us commenting on us being insane for wanting the boys to share a room, and how that was not fair. The only thing I could think of was how INSANE they were for writing that. Do you know how many children in other countries even have a bedroom for themselves? Some share a hut with their entire family and sleep on the dirt floor. So my boys sharing a room I promise is not the worst thing in the world you random House Hunters commenters. 
Anywho, I am obviously still annoyed at the bashing those people did. And yes, we are Catholic because that was a hot topic too! Anyways now that that is off my chest I will share a quick peek into the boys rooms. We have shifted a ton of rooms since we moved in and made it now so the boys have their own side of the house and we are on the other. We also have a bare guest room that I am sure when they get bigger they will use as well. 
 I just snapped some pics on my cell phone so nothing too fancy! The 3 biggest boys share this room. The one bed has a trundle bed that rolls out but they never use it! They love snuggling up together
 I also made their bigger second closet into a fun reading nook and they play in there a ton! 
 Their room connects to Sams nursery. This room was a little reading room but we decided Sam did not need a huge nursery so we moved him there and I love it!!! 
Their bath is awesome. The shower is HUGE.  This bath and also Sams nursery when we moved in was one big HIDEOUS master bath that we gutted and turned into a bedroom and this bath. So now instead of our house only having 3 bedrooms it now has 4 which is how it was originally built in the 1920s. 
Sams nursery is the PERFECT size!!
The old shelves from the reading room were perfect for me to put all his stuff in! 
So there you have it! Right now we have 3 boys in one room and Sam in the other! Sam will for sure be joining the big boys probably in a year or so!!! I am thinking we will keep them all in there and bunk up while they are small then when they get older figure it out! Honestly they LOVE it!!! It's so cute because sometimes V will get lucky and sleep with us and around 2-3am Luke or Jude will come in because they noticed their brother was missing. It's so darn sweet. They are homies and love eachother! Sure they fight like teenage girls on their period but at the end of the day when its time to say goodnight they are the best of friends. Always.


  1. I always love it when people decide that they know what is best for you and your family. Honestly, I shared a room with my brother until I was about 8. And then we moved to a bigger house where we each got our own room. We survived. I think it is fine for the boys to share a room for however long they/you want.

  2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them sharing rooms! I think double bunk beds is such a cool idea! The maybe make Sam's current room a playroom or something. There are so many possibilities!

  3. Me and my 2 sisters shared a room until my half sister was... almost 18. We lived the 5 of us in a 2 bedroom duplex. I was 11 when we got a real house. All 3 of my kids share a room. Eventually yes, girls will be in one room and boys in the other, but for now Elaine won't sleep unless she is in the bed of one of her brothers (she has her own bed, we just can't keep her in it lol).

    I promise those people your kids and mine will survive, some how ;)