Glitter Dipped Mason Jars

I have been seeing these babies floating around online and I had to have them!! So I hopped on amazon and ordered all the supplies. I decided to use them for my Thanksgiving Day centerpiece! They were so EASY. They were done in less than an hour!!! Totally simple!!!
Seriously how CUTE are they?? I have had a big gold obsession lately so I went with GOLD! 
Here is the type of spray paint I used. 
After the paint dries. Use the painters tape around the jar. 
Apply a simple layer of Mod Podge.
Sprinkle the glitter on. I used a paper underneath to catch all the extra. Then just fold it up and pour it back into the container. Super easy clean up! 
Peel the tape and you are DONE. I peeled mine right away because I am impatient! 
Here is a peek at the centerpiece.
Our plates are yellow so I think it will really pop! I found those wreaths in the Target dollar zone of course and they were 70% off from Halloween! Score!! So the whole project was less than $20 and I still have tons of supplies left over. I semi want to glitter everything I own now. It's addictive! 
Happy Glittering!
ENJOY!!! xoxox

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