Halloween Recap

Halloween sorta came and went but I figured I needed to post so these pictures just did not get lost on my computer! We had such a great fall and I am semi not looking forward to the cold and snow. Ba-hum-bug! 
 Last month I decided to get all crafty and let the boys paint their pumpkins because carving is just not fun with children. Actually carving is no fun at all (who am I kidding) 
 I grabbed some smaller pie pumpkins and some paints from Hobby Lobby and some other random supplies from Dollar Tree like the pumpkin face things. Those were awesome. You just stuck them in!
 The glow paint was a big hit! 
 The boys loved it! 
 This activity was huge for me because I am not a huge art lover or mess lover so this one was super exciting for the boys. I really need to loosen up a tad! 
 Here is the finished products! 
 Thank goodness we did trunk or treat at the boys school which was a few weeks before Halloween! 
 The boys had a blast and it was the perfect fall evening! 
 Not the best picture but it captures them as the ninja turtle crew! 
 Halloween was completed with school parties and parades galore! 
 We spent Halloween night inside. Well me and my sister in law Jennifer and Sammy! We sent the boys out to bear the cold and rain for their candy loot! Jennifer and I held down the fort with some adult beverages and played with Sammer! 
 Check me out ladies. 
 All in all it was a great Halloween!!!! 
We are officially out of Halloween candy which is amazing!!! Woooooo! 

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