Operation Maintain....

This week I am going to talk a tad more in depth about my ups and downs of pregnancy weight gain and loss through the past 5 years. But first I wanna touch on the AMAZING hybrid workout that I am doing! PS I just found out this morning that I have an ear infection and sinus infection. Yippie. But I weirdly want to workout today because I know it will feel good. The cool thing is you can insert any workout into the planner and pick your intensity level and how many days you want to workout and it gives you a personalized schedule. It's so cool!

My main goal now through the holidays is to MAINTAIN. I usually stuff my face with cookies and fudge and was honestly usually pregnant over the holidays so it was a free for all so I am going to actually be healthy this holiday season. I will still eat fudge and cookies but not the whole TRAY haha! Oh and peanut butter kiss cookies. YUM! 

 I said at the beginning of the post that I will be going into to deeper depth on my pregnancy weight gain and loss in the coming weeks. A lot of people just assume because I started at a semi healthy weight that it was a breeze to lose it all. Not the case at all. My babies definitely did not come out weighing 70lbs like what I gained with Vincent's pregnancy. So I had to lose between 25-60lbs each of my 4 pregnancies after those babies popped out. It did not happen overnight or even within a few weeks. I remember crying after Vincent and Luke because I hated my body. HATED it!!I had gained so much weight because I did not work out or eat healthy at all. I was a mess. My normal weight is 120's so to be chilling at 160-180 was not at all normal for my body. I fit into NOTHING and was just so down about myself and every aspect. I remember feeling like I had lost a ton once the baby was out of my belly then I would step on the scale and it wasn't budging at all. But I will go into that more this week and break down all the pregnancies and what I did and did not do and how I got back. I always got almost back to normal but now I can say I am actually HEALTHY and active and feeding my body the right way.
I still cant get over how I was at Vincent's pregnancy. I only fit into Jordans clothing at that point. This pic was two weeks before delivery. I may or may not have hid from the camera the last two weeks.
More to come.....off to blow my nose and rest this infection off!! 

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