Organization Attempt....

Organization has never been my strong suit. I have always had junk drawers but it does not bother me. I always swipe the counters clean and shove stuff in drawers which in turn creates massive junk drawers. I have tried time and time again to be organized and it always backfires. This time I decided to REALLY try and I bought some special draw organizers and gave it a whirl. I have been reading the book Smart Martha, a book on simplifying motherhood and also housework. I decided to use some of things I learned in the book. I will say that Jordan was very skeptical as I came strolling in the house with all my organizing supplies and then I ripped through the kitchen like a tornado throwing stuff away. For a few days straight all I could think was. "Everything wanted and everything wanted in it's place" which meant when I was clearing out closests and drawers I was VERY anal about what would stay. This is such a great mindset. I also read to start SMALL and slowly work on areas. This was honestly the best approach for me because I usually will try to take on too much and then get overwhelmed and it all backfires. So on day 1 I did 4 drawers. The following day I did another set of drawers. Here is a look at the progress. 
These drawers were not even half as bad as the first set I took on. It was pure madness.
These are the containers I found at Meijer. Also grabbed some paper to put down on the bottom. Our cabinets are so OLD. They are legit falling apart but this makes them look a tad better.
 PS Word to the wise. NEVER paint your cabinets with MILK PAINT. NEVER. It looks a million times worse than when we started. Chipping like crazy. But that is neither here or there, we are talking about organizing!!! Take EVERYTHING out of the drawers. I mean EVERYTHING. 
 Toss the things you do NOT need. You need to be a tad cold hearted. Get rid of anything you have not used in the past year. You obviously do not need it if it's just been chilling in a junk drawer. I had this same cold hearted view towards my closet! Don't save things for "maybe one day" because it never happens. Throw that crap out and keep the things you do need. We had tons of chargers and plugs that just needed to go. Tons of game pieces that had no home, and just random crap. 

I also was reminded that I need to stop picking up EVERY item in the Target dollar zone when I saw that I honestly had a whole drawer full of goodies!! 
Its been a few weeks since I did this. I even told Jordan's grandpa to check out my progress and he was clearly on Jordan's team and said "we will see how long that lasts" haha! Luckily it is still in amazing shape. I think having the organizers and having a PLACE to put everything is HUGE. I never had designated spaces for things which is why it was always just a mess. I must say it's also nice knowing where things are! I still need to tackle the big cabinets and also tons of other areas but just doing the drawers has made me so HAPPY. It's so weird but I am way less stressed because of these beautiful clean drawers. 

The stupid milk paint may be chipping off the cabinets and looking like a train wreck but the anger goes away when I open the drawers and see all the pretties in their spots!!! So try SMALL baby steps to organizing and GET supplies to do it!! These containers are a God send!!!! Now I have everything wanted and everything wanted in it's place. Now to conquer more areas of the house! 



  1. I actually love organizing, but there are spots I still need to tackle since we just moved. I brought home drawer organizers today actually, haha, because we have a really large utensil drawer in the kitchen and everything is just thrown in. It's been driving me nuts. But my hubby laughed and said everything is just so "free" in there. I told him now it meant he had to know where to put things, he couldn't just toss them in there. :-D

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