Pre Black Friday Sales

I am not at all a fan on of leaving my warm bed on black Friday ever. I have worked in retail numerous times on Black Friday aka hell no and no thank you. I much rather prefer online shopping haha! Cuddled up under a warm blanket! I am offering two sales on both my businesses. First off my state bracelets are on sale over at Etsy for Buy 2 get one FREE. So stock up!!!
The new bangles are amazing because they are adjustable so they got everyone! And they are super cute! 

Next I am offering a sale just for my clients on my two go to programs for fitness. The 21 Day Fix and PiYo challenge packs. I am giving a $10 rebate on PiYo and a $20 rebate on 21 Day Fix challenge packs. 
(Leave your email if you have questions)
Both programs are amazing for beginners. The 21 Day fix also comes with portion containers and a meal plan to help you transform your eating as well. And the workouts are only 30 minutes so that is honestly the biggest thing! Both programs make working out not so dreadful. I used to hate the thought of working out and now I weirdly look forward to it since its only 30 minutes. Let's not kid, I skip the cool down so its closer to only 25 minutes a day haha.

Happy pre black Friday sales!! 

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