Mommy/Sammer only weekend!

This past weekend the big boys went with Daddy and Grandpa on their annual hunting trip! It was Jude's first year to attend and his first flight with Gpa!!!

The boys had a blast. Sadly they saw NO deer and came home empty handed and hungry! haha! Meanwhile. Sam and I had an entire weekend to ourselves. I got so much cleaning and organizing done around here and we could come and go as we pleased. It was pretty darn awesome!! I also finally got Sam alone for some pictures with my real camera. I usually use my cell phone for daily pictures but he thought it would be an awesome idea to toss that in the toilet and sadly my phone did not survive!! But alas I got some cute pics of my ALMOST one year old stud muffin!!
Not sure who is MORE guilty with Sam throwing my cell in toilet and Verner pooping in toyroom.
 His smile seriously just lights me up!
 Hands and Feet are my favorite baby feature. Especially the indents from his chub on his hands. I die.
 Mr Big stuff!!
So all in all it was a great weekend! I felt fully recharged and ready to conquer the world!! I am already looking forward to next years trip and another Mommy/Sam weekend! 

Now to post the pictures from Thanksgiving! It was such an amazing day!

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