Gallery Wall on a Dime....

Our living room is my most beloved room in the house but honestly we do not spend much time in there which breaks my heart a little. Its a big room so it's not very cozy and we haven't done much in there except paint the walls so it's pretty blah. We moved the couches and TV for the millionth time after we took the Christmas tree down and I am loving the new cozier placement. I decided to finally add some pictures on one of the walls and warm the place up a tad. So a gallery wall was a must! If you have been in my house you will see that I LOVE PICTURES and also life quotes. Pretty much just stuff that makes me happy is plastered all over the walls. Honestly it cheers me up and makes me smile to be surrounded by happy things. I printed some pictures from this fall for the new wall. 
I use PASS for all my clients so I have a gallery of my personal photos that I print from the site.
Next step is grab some cheap frames. Our frames get knocked off the walls pretty easily so I have learned to buy CHEAP. Insert the Dollar Tree for frames. I could not find a 11x14 frame so I grabbed some canvases from Hobby Lobby and painted the sides black and Mod Podged the photo to it.
I learned after nailing tons of holes into our plaster walls and my husband having a near heart attack, to use command strips! They are amazing and hold so great! PLUS NO HOLES! Jordan gets so annoyed by my hanging tactics because I just start hanging stuff vs measuring. He helped me measure where the "D" would go but the rest I just did a typical "wing it" and I love it!
The "d" and other letters are from Hobby Lobby. Got both on clearance.
Another cheap thing I love to do is frame cute greeting cards. $1 frame $2 card = $3 art. 
I spent the whole weekend in the room. I am not sure if it's because its more cozy or what but I am in love with the wall. Just warms my heart up!
Now the other half of the room is a work in progress. There also lays the broken TV courtesy of Jude a few weeks ago. I am pretty sure we are going to do two chairs with the ottoman in the middle and have a reading area because there is also a fire place on the opposite wall. The big issue is I HATE spending money on furniture while the boys are so young. They are gross monsters haha so I am not sure when we will get around to the other side of the room! haha 
But with one side of the room completed I am a happy camper! Now to hang curtains! 


  1. I always get cute picture frames at garage sales and sometimes the thrift store for fairly cheap. I have a sort of gallery wall going in our living room and have a big clock as the centerpiece. My husband hates monogram stuff (I have no idea why) but the clock was a garage sale find and I LOVE it!

  2. LOVE IT! Gallery walls have been on my list for months. I'm also the wing it kind of girl and it drives my husband bonkers!