I'm back....

Ahhhh it's been a longer than usual blogging break from the holiday madness! Things picked up crazy in my etsy shop so I was busy doing orders and also all the family duties for the holidays! I have so much to update you guys on....and lots of awesome posts to come. 
The fish fiasco. The tale of our trip to the petstore to get our first fish family. My pink fish was named Bethenney Frankelfish. Sadly the tale ends very quick. Our fish family died in half a day! Ooops. Full saga to come! Needless to say fish arent the easiest of creatures to raise!
Christmas was amazing. The one downside was the awesome present we got the boys. We bought water passes to a water park for a day. The plan was to drive up and play all day then drive home. Well we drove the hour to the park only to be turned away because they were sold out even though we had paid passes. It was uber fun explaining that to the boys after we had been excited since Christmas for the trip. So minus that hiccup Christmas was flawless!! haha 

Now I am back to the grind with my eating and working out after my awesome holiday madness. I didnt do too bad eating this year honestly but since I switched my eating bad foods legit wreak havoc on my system. So does tequila. NEVER again! haha! 

We started a New Year New You group and have over 100 people in it doing the 21 day fix with us! The accountability and energy is insane and so motivating! We are on day 4 today and it's been the best experience so far. I am going to offer this special to the next 3 people to join us!! If you have been on the fence or trying to find something that works I swear by this program. It changed my life. I am weirdly in better shape now AFTER 4 children than I was in college cheerleading where we ran and worked out all the time. Funny how that works. So I would LOVE for you guys to join us!! We will have this group ongoing so you can hop in whenever yours arrives!
Here is my day 4 video!! I am chronoicalling it on youtube!! Today was a HUGGGGGGGE victory for me personally from where I was one year ago!!
Sam is screaming.....until next time!! xoxo

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  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe that they could turn you away after you PAID for passes! I am so excited to see what your big news is! You may have to text me early! Lol