I usually am horrible at lent and end up always giving in to whatever it is that I give up!!
This year I decided that the things I were choosing to give up really did not have a huge effect. If I gave up chocolate who is that helping. Yes I understand it is teaching me to sacrifice and not always get what I want but I would rather DO SOMETHING for others and impact other people during this lent season. For my birthday I did the #bdaygiftsoflove and it was so much fun. I gave 29 gifts of love and it was honestly the best birthday ever. Giving to others gave me such a warm feeling in my heart and it was honestly such a high. To do something that someone isn't expecting is awesome!
Today Luke and I had a lunch date before Mass and gave our waiter a bigger tip than usual to jump start our #40kinddays It was just something simple and easy to do. The acts don't have to be big or elaborate. There are so many ways to spread love for free. Send someone an email you haven't been in touch with in awhile. Write your childs teacher a thank you note. Open a door for someone. Bake your neighbor a treat. Invite friends over for dinner. Volunteer somewhere. I have a board on pinterest with tons of ideas I had for the birthday gifts of love and a lot of them are FREE! 
So please consider joining along with my besties and I as we spend this next 40 days spreading love!! I promise you will be so fired up and love life more by trying to make someone elses day brighter! 
Post your pics and hashtag #40kinddays 

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  1. I need to get cracking on this today! I went to Starbucks this morning and wanted to pay for the person behind me but no one was there.....might try and pay for the person behind me in the cafeteria at work today.