Baby Must Haves

Well it only took me 4 babies to fully narrow this list down to my all time favorite items for a baby in their first year. If you would have asked me after baby 1 I would have said things like a boppy or bumbo seat or a swing but as we had more kids we barely used those things and noticed we didn't need near as much baby gear! So here if my refined list!
1. Jennifer Ann baby set- This was hands down the BEST purchase I made from all the boys baby years. It was so worth it for those tiny personalized leggings, lovie, hat and blanket. I had millions of compliments on them and Sam still uses his blanket. Its such an amazing keepsake and the fabric is 100% organic and Jennifer is AMAZING!! A mom made business! 

2. Sophie The Giraffe So Pure teether- The older 3 had the normal Sophie that squeaks but I found this one for Sam and these are WAY better. Easier to grip for their tiny hands and no noise! Plus there are two different teething textures. Double the fun! haha

3. Sleep Sacks- I LOVE THESE!!!! I just had the Carters brands fleece ones and they were a life saver. I am a huge psycho about babies and blankets so this was the best of both worlds. They were in a nice cozy cocoon while they slept and I didn't have to stress about anything in their face! 

4. Rock and Play Sleeper- YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS!!!!! They were not around for babies 1-3 but holy crap we had one for Sam and it was a life changer. He slept next to us in our room in this for 6 months or until he started rolling over at night. It was so handy. Lightweight so you can move it all over. I would carry it downstairs for naps and play time. Its the BEST!  

5. Cloud B Sound Animal- We call him Mr. Foxy and Sam is obsessed. He sleeps with him every nap and at night. The sounds totally help calm him and he loves to cuddle and play with him. They have all different animals but we loved the Fox! 

6. Munchkin Straw Cup-  The best cup we have EVER had! Its a straw cup but the straw is weighted so they can sip from any angle. So they can flip it up and still get the flow. Its seriously a game changer. Sam is OBSESSED and it's bad because he gets angry at any straw cup that doesn't act the same!! We have created a monster! But it's a great cup! 

7. Sqooshi Reuseable Pouches-  Sam sucked those food pouches down so darn quick that we started to make our own. These are easy to fill and clean. I would just mix food up in the blender and pour directly into these and feed him. So much cheaper than buying them! 

8. Phil & Ted's Clip On High Chair-  This chair has been the best. We used to have a high chair that attached to an actual chair which was great but it used up seating for an adult so this chair is amazing because it clips onto the table! I also clip it onto the island counter. Its easy to pack up and take along on trips as well. Amazing purchase. 

Those are my refined must have baby items!!! What are your must haves? 

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