February Citrus Lane Box

I seriously love these boxes! Its such a nice surprise every month. I am not much of a toy buyer and I threw away so many baby toys so its nice for Sam to get some age appropriate toys vs Lego's and choking hazards that the older boys play with! Here is a peek at this months box!
Sam who is a cup snob actually loves the sippy cup! It will be great for him to grow into. Jude really liked the flash cards and its nice because they are on a ring hook so they don't get lost! And the bath game is Vincents favorite! So the box made all the boys happy! I had the hot cocoa on a stick for a treat one day when the boys aren't looking. I mean it wouldn't be fair to pick one of them so I'll sacrifice and drink it myself!!!

Here is a link for 50% off your first box. It brings the cost to $15. Also a little insider tip. If you go to cancel each month they will offer you 50% off the next box if you stay! So you never really have to pay full price. It kind of rocks!!!! Enjoy!

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  1. Now I just need another baby! There are so many fun new things out for little babes!