Fish Owning 101. RIP Bethenney Frankelfish

Over Christmas break Jordan decided out of the blue he wants to get fish and walks in with an aquarium and all the goodies. We get it set up and think the next logical step is to add fish, so off we go to the pet store to buy our new friends. When we got there the lady asked if we had our tank set up and we excitedly said yes, because after all, we're pretty much fish pet pros at this point. She said the water should be in the tank for a week or so and we just laughed it off, its just fish, how hard can it be....little did we know. So we all picked out our fish. The boys were so excited about this new adventure. I picked a bright pink one and named her Bethenney Frankelfish, and I honestly don't think we named the others because Bethenney was the boss clearly. With a name like that you run the freaking fish community. We also grabbed the normal fun stuff like fish caves and treasure chests. I am pretty sure Jordan was more giddy then the boys. By the way taking 4 kids to a pet store is an awesome dose of birth control. Holy moly. So if you wanna borrow my kids for your teens, just let me know!
 PS how cute is this England phonebooth I found to remember our trip there. Score!
So we got the fish home and slowly added them into the tank. They were so excited to get out of the plastic bubble bag they were in and explore their new domain. All was well....until a few hours later. They all lost their spunk and started swimming uber slow. One by one they died. It was so awkward. "Mom, Bethenny Frankelfish isn't moving anymore". So within day 1 of being fish professional owners they all died. 

So....maybe that girl at the pet store was right about having your tank set up for a week or so before adding the fish so proteins can build up. RIP Bethenney Frankelfish. 

We decided to let the tank be for a good month before we added a new fish family. This time Jordan and I went to the store and stocked up on fish. It was awesome because they were BOGO sale. Let me tell you, those darn colored fish are not cheap, almost $10 each so a BOGO sale was exciting also because we had killed 4 already haha so we got 8 fish and headed on our way. The lady at the checkout told us about their 2 week return policy on fish, clearly we missed that memo on round one of fish buying. So home we went with our new crew of fish. I named mine instantly, still mourning the death of Bethenney Frankelfish I then pondered on a new awesome name, thus Vicki Guppleston was created. 
Home we went with our new surprise fish family for the boy . They weren't as excited as we hoped, haha they were hoping for candy. Sorry bros, get pumped for the fish! We added the fish slowly into the water that had been sitting in the tank now for a month and waited....and nothing bad happened. So we let the boys name some fish. Our fish family is now complete. Vincent named the Charlotte, which was our baby girl name haha, then we have BioLizard, Bowser, Zip, Zap and Zoom, Molly and Vicki Guppleston aka Queen Bee of the fish community. 
Its been about a month and our fish are still kicking. Errrr....swimming. They are actually a really cool addition to the family. Jordan loves having them in his office because it calms him and the boys love staring at them! So round 2 of fish owning has went swimmingly well. Vicki Guppleston is the queen on all the fish in the land....tank! So there you have it, if you get fish listen to the pet store pros vs snubbing off their info like we did haha. 

Happy Tuesday! 

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