Postpartum Hell {feels good to get this out there}

I finally made a video on my journey through post partum depression and anxiety. I talk a pretty good chunk about it to my close friends and family but decided that I needed to get it off my chest because it is a very heavy burden to carry along and I want to try to completely free myself from it. This wonderful situation is the sheer factor of why I am terrified to have more children. The fear of living that hell again is far too much for me to consider at the time being. Also there is not a lot of information out there because a lot of women do not want to talk about it which is why I felt that I needed to. 

This is nothing to be ashamed about. EVER. Your hormones are all out of whack and its such a hard transition as is, so this just creates a firestorm within you. Although I never ever want to feel this again,  the fact that I went through this and made it out stronger is a huge blessing. It has formed me into who I am today and I am a much better person than I was before. 
I pray this helps someone.

Time Management (from a trainwreck planner)

I won't lie...managing my time makes me want to stab my eyes out. I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to schedule my weeks and days with lists and sticky notes and NOTHING has ever worked. EVER. I finally found the most amazing way to manage my time. I am two weeks in and things are flowing so much better not only in house cleanliness but also in my marriage. DOUBLE WIN!!! Here is the video I made on time management and how I have been using Google Calendar!
What are your issues with managing your time? Have you tried this?

My favorite part is that it alerts me 30 mins before my next thing on the list so I can get it in my head and can start wrapping up whatever I am doing to prepare for the next thing on my list!!!

From Blogging Mom of 1 to Work at home mom of 4 in 5 years!

A few years ago when I started blogging I finally stopped feeling alone. I started blogging honestly at first to have a place for our family to follow our lives without having to call everyone weekly. Soon I started finding other moms out there in the interwebs that were just like me and semi lost in the world of motherhood. As the years went on I stopped pretending that life was all rainbows and butterflies and loosened up a tad on what I blogged about. I started to share a real look into our lives and honestly I have pulled a tad back on blogging and started IGing the madness but I hope to come back to blogging in the coming months. Instead of blogging about how amazing my children were ( I mean hello child prodigies) I started shifting the focus to the real behind the scene things that was going on. My children wreaking havoc through our house (that Jude is special) and letting go of what I thought motherhood should and would be. Through the years I went from being an expert mom of 1 to a mom without answers of 4 little men. I have thrown in the towel on pretending to be perfect and have embraced the craziness of mom life. Instead of trying to be supermom I have decided to just rock out as a normal mom.  There are so many stigmas attached to motherhood and I hope through the months as I revamp this blog I can confront so many of those issues a lot of my friends and I also have felt the past few years. I still can rock out some crafts from pinterest and sometimes I bust out my fancy camera to document them. 

I have made so many amazing friends and have grown so much over these years JUST from blogging and surrounding myself with motivating people. I haven't chatted much about this on my blog because I have been so busy switching from mom mode to working at home mom mode this past year. A year ago I teamed up with one of my mom blog friends from years ago for a new job as a fitness coach. When I started I had 30 lbs to lose so I was far from a fitness expert so I did not expect much to happen. I started with a program called the 21 Day Fix and honestly just started for the sole purpose of getting myself back in shape. (The past 5 years contained 4 pregnancies, 1 miscarriage and a combined 200lbs gained) so I had a lot of work to do. Well I summed it up in this video because like I said videos are easier for me. But this past week I was sent on an all inclusive vacation with our company (that company I just started with a year ago...insane) and felt compelled to share a tad more of my story. 

I cry through this so please do not hold it against me. Hopefully my feelings on motherhood will help you work through your life as well. I love my children more than life itself so it was hard to finally get those words off my chest.

Here is a peek at the vacation. Cannot wait to share the full details on Jenn and I's blogging love affair that brought us together and opened this amazing door for me. Who would have thought blogging would have brought my best friends into my life....and now we are coworkers!?
So with that said it's time to jump back into blogging....more to come on motherhood, marriage, and the madness of life. xoxo

Mothers Day Gift Idea ::Our Family Trees::

My amazing and talented best friend just opened a new shop specializing in the cutest personalized family plaques. They are clothespin families and the way she paints them blows me away. Here is the one she made our family. 
I seriously about fainted when I saw what she dressed Jordan in....OVERALLS and he is BAREFOOT!!!!! Spot on!! And then the boys in bowties. This is going to be the most treasured family keepsake. She just opened her shop and its the perfect time because Mother's Day is right around the corner. I hope you all will stop over and give her some loving. Even if you don't purchase follow her on IG to see all the adorable stuff she makes. Rumor has it she is doing a GIVEAWAY this week so dont miss it! 

 I am literally obsessed and have a feeling this will be my new go-to gift for weddings and families. 
Happy Shopping lovers!! 


Vincent turned six on Monday. I didnt get a chance to blog because the poor guy got an ear infection. I am stunned just how much can happen within 6 years and I made a video chatting about what was transpired. I never imagined any more children than Vincent so to have 4 now is insane. On my drive home from the airport (will share my whole Cancun trip soon) I was talking to my mom about Vincent turning 6 and honestly I block out a lot of our past because it doesn't really do much to dwell on things but 6 years ago I was about to give birth to our little Vincent, Jordan and I were only engaged and I had no insurance so I was on medicare (or medicaid I get them mixed up) and Jordan was working 40 hours a week and doing his MBA at night so we barely saw him. We were struggling bad with finances and I honestly am not sure anyone knew that about us, because I wasn't on social media back then. But anyways its insane all that can happen in such a short time. I never imagined 4 kids, I never imagined having a kick butt job (sans a college degree) and being able to stay home with my children. I honestly feel like a lot of my drive comes from seeing Jordan bust his butt for us during those rough years. Its insane to think of all that has happened and I hope this makes sense.....this is me. Sun poisoned no make up raw off the plane but I just had to share this and get if off my chest. PS videos are easier for me than typing clearly! ;)