From Blogging Mom of 1 to Work at home mom of 4 in 5 years!

A few years ago when I started blogging I finally stopped feeling alone. I started blogging honestly at first to have a place for our family to follow our lives without having to call everyone weekly. Soon I started finding other moms out there in the interwebs that were just like me and semi lost in the world of motherhood. As the years went on I stopped pretending that life was all rainbows and butterflies and loosened up a tad on what I blogged about. I started to share a real look into our lives and honestly I have pulled a tad back on blogging and started IGing the madness but I hope to come back to blogging in the coming months. Instead of blogging about how amazing my children were ( I mean hello child prodigies) I started shifting the focus to the real behind the scene things that was going on. My children wreaking havoc through our house (that Jude is special) and letting go of what I thought motherhood should and would be. Through the years I went from being an expert mom of 1 to a mom without answers of 4 little men. I have thrown in the towel on pretending to be perfect and have embraced the craziness of mom life. Instead of trying to be supermom I have decided to just rock out as a normal mom.  There are so many stigmas attached to motherhood and I hope through the months as I revamp this blog I can confront so many of those issues a lot of my friends and I also have felt the past few years. I still can rock out some crafts from pinterest and sometimes I bust out my fancy camera to document them. 

I have made so many amazing friends and have grown so much over these years JUST from blogging and surrounding myself with motivating people. I haven't chatted much about this on my blog because I have been so busy switching from mom mode to working at home mom mode this past year. A year ago I teamed up with one of my mom blog friends from years ago for a new job as a fitness coach. When I started I had 30 lbs to lose so I was far from a fitness expert so I did not expect much to happen. I started with a program called the 21 Day Fix and honestly just started for the sole purpose of getting myself back in shape. (The past 5 years contained 4 pregnancies, 1 miscarriage and a combined 200lbs gained) so I had a lot of work to do. Well I summed it up in this video because like I said videos are easier for me. But this past week I was sent on an all inclusive vacation with our company (that company I just started with a year ago...insane) and felt compelled to share a tad more of my story. 

I cry through this so please do not hold it against me. Hopefully my feelings on motherhood will help you work through your life as well. I love my children more than life itself so it was hard to finally get those words off my chest.

Here is a peek at the vacation. Cannot wait to share the full details on Jenn and I's blogging love affair that brought us together and opened this amazing door for me. Who would have thought blogging would have brought my best friends into my life....and now we are coworkers!?
So with that said it's time to jump back into blogging....more to come on motherhood, marriage, and the madness of life. xoxo


  1. Www, Allie! I love you! You are seriously so sweet, and such a great person! I am so proud of you, and have loved being able to watch you grow since starting this journey! It is amazing, and I am so very happy for you!

  2. Thanks so much Tiff! So glad we met through blogging. I cherish our friendship mama!

  3. Thanks so much Tiff! So glad we met through blogging. I cherish our friendship mama!

  4. Love this. So glad you found a job that makes you happy. Nothing wrong with that, and whoever says it is is wrong/jealous! Cant wait for more blog posts, they are so real and make me feel like my life is normal because I go through some of the same things!

  5. Amazingness. That's all amazingness.