Postpartum Hell {feels good to get this out there}

I finally made a video on my journey through post partum depression and anxiety. I talk a pretty good chunk about it to my close friends and family but decided that I needed to get it off my chest because it is a very heavy burden to carry along and I want to try to completely free myself from it. This wonderful situation is the sheer factor of why I am terrified to have more children. The fear of living that hell again is far too much for me to consider at the time being. Also there is not a lot of information out there because a lot of women do not want to talk about it which is why I felt that I needed to. 

This is nothing to be ashamed about. EVER. Your hormones are all out of whack and its such a hard transition as is, so this just creates a firestorm within you. Although I never ever want to feel this again,  the fact that I went through this and made it out stronger is a huge blessing. It has formed me into who I am today and I am a much better person than I was before. 
I pray this helps someone.

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  1. You've got such a big heart, Allie! I have a few minutes left on the video but I just wanted to make sure to throw my comment out there in case I don't have time later - thank you for doing this! It is so humbling (for lack of a better word) to talk openly about experiences with any type of mental health issue. Man. So hard. And you're right that the best type of support is understanding through the worst of it! So thank you again. Love this & really appreciate you!