Vincent turned six on Monday. I didnt get a chance to blog because the poor guy got an ear infection. I am stunned just how much can happen within 6 years and I made a video chatting about what was transpired. I never imagined any more children than Vincent so to have 4 now is insane. On my drive home from the airport (will share my whole Cancun trip soon) I was talking to my mom about Vincent turning 6 and honestly I block out a lot of our past because it doesn't really do much to dwell on things but 6 years ago I was about to give birth to our little Vincent, Jordan and I were only engaged and I had no insurance so I was on medicare (or medicaid I get them mixed up) and Jordan was working 40 hours a week and doing his MBA at night so we barely saw him. We were struggling bad with finances and I honestly am not sure anyone knew that about us, because I wasn't on social media back then. But anyways its insane all that can happen in such a short time. I never imagined 4 kids, I never imagined having a kick butt job (sans a college degree) and being able to stay home with my children. I honestly feel like a lot of my drive comes from seeing Jordan bust his butt for us during those rough years. Its insane to think of all that has happened and I hope this makes sense.....this is me. Sun poisoned no make up raw off the plane but I just had to share this and get if off my chest. PS videos are easier for me than typing clearly! ;) 

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  1. I have been following your blog/Instagram for a while now and you always inspire me and give me a boost when I'm feeling down. I can completely relate to this as I was in the same boat a few years ago when my second was born. Thank you for always keeping things real and raw you are amazing!