Insecurities...and Keeping it REAL!

I get comments on social media all the time thanking me for sharing REAL life vs just the pretty picture perfect version and I honestly spent years trying to pretend life was perfect. When I would snap a picture I would angle it so you couldn't see the messy kitchen sink full of dishes or the dirty clothes and shoes sprawled all over the floor. I didn't want people to start assuming that I was a slob or not a good housewife, so I would angle the kids just right to get the most picture perfect shot. 

That was the old me. Through the years of play dates and meet ups I have loosened up a tad. I have met other real women who arent afraid to share the real details of life and the truth that God forbid they dont have it all together. 

I cant tell you how REFRESHING it is to find other women who are open with the fact that life isnt perfect and that their kids also eat off the floor and that there is really NO 5 second rule, let's not kid ourselves, there have been days where Sam finds food from yesterday and downs it like it's filet mignon. I have the two of the most amazing friends that shockingly are both named Sarah and married to a Matt and have 4 kids....we all live on the same street weirdly enough. (Talk about friendship fate) but I feel at home in their homes. I dont feel like I am walking on egg shells when I am with them because they are so real and raw. When I told the one that her house was so clean so drug me upstairs to show me the bedroom and the piles of clothing and it made me LOVE her even more. 
We assume that everyone has picture perfect homes and their children are dressed to the nines each day. We assume that they have perfectly portion meals and their kids never spill their drinks on the floor. That their bathrooms are sparkly and clean. That their children never fight or hit eachother. That them and their spouse never EVER fight. That their children stop at the first "NO" and never push the limits. We assume that their house is a magical land of rainbows and butterflies with cleaning fairies and glitter. 

But lets be real. 

Some days my house is clean. But more times than not there is dog hair all over. Their is dirt everywhere. I steam the floors and within minutes the giant dog runs through with muddy paws. Our mud room which could be a beautiful picture perfect room with lined up shoes in their a legit MUD ROOM with dirt chunks all over and shoes covering the floor.  My kids want to wear only PAJAMAS. All day long. They even cry if they cant wear their PJ pants under their real jeans. Even when its 70 degrees out. Our dinner, while always at the table is far from conventional, most nights are side dish is just red peppers and broccoli (not steamed or cooked). Jude spills drinks at least every night of the week. I cannot tell you the amount of times the entire jar of honey or maple syrup has spilled. Our table is sticky almost daily and covered with glue and glitter. Our bathrooms no matter how many times I clean them still smell like urine. Sam never fails to PEE all over the floor the minute I take him out of the bathtub. We have numerous times out a day and sadly I raise my voice a LOT! I feel like a complete failure of a parent at least a few times a week, if not daily. The boys can be downright amazing or downright hellish. Just depends on the day :) Our house is complete and utter madness but it's our madness and I love it.

So please I beg you not to compare yourselves to others. Some just share the picture perfect pictures but that's not the real deal. We all have madness in our lives and our children make us want to drink a lot of vodka and slam our heads into walls. We all lose our cool and yell. We all say things that we regret. We won't always get along with our spouse and see eye to eye but it's OKAY!!! Life isnt about's about making the most of what YOU HAVE. Some days you might have it all figured out and go to bed feeling like a rockstar and the next day your baby rips his diaper off during naptime and spreads poop all over his crib and the other flushes a wash cloth down the toilet and floods the bathroom to where it is leaking through the 100 year old walls into the office below while your husband is out of town.

Enjoy the madness of life, you guys. 
We all have behind the scenes madness and that is why I love sharing ours with you. 

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