4 kids and hundreds or pregnancy tests.

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When you have 4 kids you become very familiar with pregnancy tests. You can see a faint pink line a mile away. I have always bought First Response to check with each of the boys pregnancies. Even if my cheaper brands read clear, I always retested with First Response pregnancy tests because they are over 99% accurate!
I honestly have a cupboard full of them for each month. I am that person who takes a test 5 days before a period is supposed to start just because. Taking tests has become second nature to us but I am honestly obsessed with First Responses early detection tests. I am that person who has to know the MINUTE I am pregnant! Jordan totally thinks I am insane at how many tests I take but it's just a ritual and something I have to do or else I will be anxious until the minute my period arrives. Jordan and I also use plenty of tests because we do not use birth control. I get asked a lot why that is and how it is even obtainable. We do not use birth control because of our faith first and foremost and I am honestly not a fan of birth control and added hormones, I have enough crazy hormones that I don't want to pay around with them! haha We have never actually "practiced" it to its full effect until after Sam, clearly 4 pregnancies and 1 miscarriage in 5 years proves we werent very accurate but now we honestly have it down to a science with Pink Pad tracking and paying close attention to other details (I will do a while post on NFP another time) but pregnancy tests are still a part of my every month routine because no matter how closely we follow our charts I am a very anxious person who has to take tests regardless a few days before a period is due just to clear my anxious heart! The best part is that their technology can detect up to 6 days before a missed period which means less anxiety for testing ladies! Their new design has them easier to handle as well with a curved shaped design to fit perfectly into a womans hand, there is also longer handle and a 50% wider tip to ensure you get the correct amount of urine for the test. So every month you will find me with a bright pink box in my cart because the tests are available at drugstores and grocery stores and easy to spot! The best part is that you also can test ANY time of the day so you dont have to worry if you missed your first or second bathroom break of the day, you can test ANY time! You can read more about their tests here http://www.firstresponse.com/ 

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