The END of exerCIZE!

Okay I AM NOT a dancer! I did cheerleading in high school and college but I was always the tumbler and not so much the dancer. Homegirl doesnt have rhythm at ALL!!! Shaun T is launching a new dance program which TERRIFIED me at first because I usually get UBER embarassed at dancing but since I am at home I dont really give a crap....unless Jordan walks in, then I STOP! So I gave it a shot and tried the sneak peek of it on Beachbody on Demand (our netflix for workout programs, free 30 days if you're interested just holler and Ill get you set up) and I WAS IN LOVE!!!!

Shaun T teaches you step by step a dance routine, and breaks it down to a beginner level, sure it took me a lot longer than the normal person but HOLY SWEAT pouring off me. I HATE cardio so to be dancing it didnt feel like work but you are working your buns off! Here is a sneak peek of me mixing in some GOD AWFUL cheerleading facials and the sneak peek dance. I had to make it fun with facials or else you would focus on my not so hot moves hahahahaha


The program officially LAUNCHES on July 20th. We are doing a fun TEST GROUP starting in August! If you would like to join us leave your email below or email me

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