Cooking with Kids SIMPLIFIED

I love cooking, and I love baking but I wish I loved doing it with my kids. We do cook and bake together sometimes, usually I try to when its just me and the oldest but more times than not the littles want to join in the fun and it turns into a WWF brawl no matter how prepared I think I am for the madness. This weekend we decided to make cookies and I no joke kept pushing it off and pushing it off until finally at 6pm on Sunday I couldnt push it off any longer. I got everything out and looked at the directions and thought, what the heck? Why dont I just premeasure it all into cups so there is no fighting over who scoops what and who cracks which egg. So I measured everything and put the ingredients away before the troops piled in on their chairs! It was FLAWLESS!!!! Minus they both wanted to do the chocolate chips so I just split them up into two cups and voila, no drama! By far the quickest and most stress less batch of cookies ever made in the Darr house. Hope this helps you mamas as much as it helped me!

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