Friday, October 9, 2015

Outside that Comfort Zone!!

I am a huge lover of my comfort zone, that warm fuzzy place where I feel nice and safe. I usually dont like to leave that zone but since having kids I have definitely had to take risks and chances to expose them to life. If only I could keep them inside a little bubble, but that isnt realistic. I want them to be go getters and take life by the reins and run wild with no regrets, which mean this mama needs to face her fears as well and pave the way. 
So this summer I stepped WAY outside of my comfort zone and did a few new things, the first comfort zone breaker was taking on a brand new hobby. Stand up Paddleboarding and SUP Yoga!!! Jordan and I took a class earlier this summer and fell in love and since we have a river across the street we decided to invest in some boards and live it up!!!! 
We even made it into a family event and took the boys as often as possible!
Second up was CIZE, which is a dance program and I AM NOT a dancer but oh my goodness this program rocked my socks off. I was sweating insanely, way more than I do in normal cardio BUT I was having FUN!!! The best part is you do not need any equipment, you are just DANCING! He breaks it down into 8 counts just like a dance class and its amazing! Here are my results! 

What I lost: 3 lbs and 6 inches!!! 
What I gained:
Confidence in myself and actually not HATING dancing!! I am usually that person who never dances at weddings and this allowed me to figure out how my body moves and not be so nervous and self conscious about what I look like. It was shockingly good for my soul! 

If you want info on Cize email me at

Both of these things might not seem that big of a deal but they have been huge for me. I feel more free and weirdly more positive in every aspect of my life. I will do a separate post on the world of Stand Up Paddleboarding and how amazing it is and WHY you should get one asap!!!

Happy Friday, attack those fears! 


  1. I love this- I too am trying to step out of my comfort zone and do new things. It's been SO good for me.
    I'd love to try stand up paddleboarding!

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