Here we go again!

When I started this little blog we only had one child and were expecting #2, I made so many amazing mom friends that have become life long friends through blogging, typing posts has become a not so normal occurrence for me so Ill be documenting a majority of this pregnancy through vlogs on YouTube, its just easier to talk vs type! :) I will be sharing the whole pregnancy this way, for 52 weeks, showing the good, the bad, the awkward and the beautiful, I have always been a pretty open person and talking about my anxiety and fear I think will help a ton, I know making this video already released a lot of it for me. So here is the start. Cannot wait to document it all!!

Yesterday we had a teeny scare which I will be sharing in this weeks video but all is good today, tomorrow I go in for blood work for the gender scan which I have never KNOWN this early before, so hopefully the first week of January we will receive the news or whether this bean is a boy or a girl. EVERYONE and their mom has told me the odds are NOT in my favor for a girl and I kinda agree that I think its a boy so finding out as early as possible is HUGE for my mind haha! We have some names and honestly I have been more focused on the boy name because that is the reality of my life these past 6 years. So here we go, next summer we will have 5 kids under 7. Is that even normal? I think not, but its our reality haha Lets do this!


  1. yay! Today is your big gender day! Was the blood test for gender optional or do they make you pay extra for that? just curious because I always did the normal 20 week scan but for our next baby I would love to be able to find out so early!

  2. You didn't find out the gender for Sam, right? I could be remembering incorrectly though. Did you find out the gender for each/any of your pregnancies? I didn't even know there was a blood test to be taken that could reveal the gender so early - that is so awesome and fascinating and just plain amazing to think about. If we have any more kids I would love to keep it a surprise but I had very had PPD with baby #1 and had a hard time bonding that I'm afraid not finding out the gender could potentially make all of that worse (bonding, anxiety, etc.) - what are your thoughts? Always love picking your brain!